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Essential Checklist for Traveling with Dogs


Although traveling with dogs can be enjoyable, it can become challenging if you are not prepared properly. Especially if you are going to travel for a long time during the summer months, you must pay attention to certain issues for the comfort of your friend and yourself.

In preparation for the trip, first of all, you should take care to stick to your normal routine. Since your dog may become stressed during the journey, you should continue your regular exercise and eating and drinking routine as always. Sudden changes in your routine may negatively affect your friend.

Nausea is one of the most common problems in dogs during travel. It is recommended that your dog, which is more affected by movement than humans, be secured with a seat belt or a dog seat to avoid such problems. If your dog will not experience stress in this situation, it is recommended to fix it on the seat.

Apart from this, there are certain items that you should check and keep with you during the preparation phase. In this article, we have listed for you the items and the basic checklist that you must have to ensure that your journey is comfortable.

Items You Should Not Forget When Traveling with a Dog

In order to have a comfortable and convenient journey, it is recommended that you take some basic items with you.

  • Foldable food bowl: It will be advantageous to buy a foldable food and water bowl, both in terms of saving space and hygiene.
  • Dog food
  • They are
  • Veterinary records: It is very important to have the records with you when you need to go to the veterinarian in case of an unexpected situation.
  • First aid kit for dogs
  • Imprint and mouthpiece
  • Tape
  • Reward food: If your dog gets stressed, you can calm him down by giving him a reward and make the journey more enjoyable.
  • Toy: You can be sure that toys will come in handy if your dog gets bored.
  • stool bag
  • Carrying bag: Even if you are not going to keep your dog in a carrying bag along the way, it is useful to have it with you. You may need a carrying bag when entering businesses that do not accept leashed pets or in case of emergency.
  • Dog ID, chip card: If your dog has a chip, keeping this information with you will be useful in case of loss or similar.
  • Antimacassar
  • Seat barrier: Your dog’s movements from the back seat may affect your driving safety. Therefore, it is very important to have a barrier between the back seat and the driver.

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