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FREE course to learn Excel from scratch; 100% FREE, online and certified by the University of Barcelona – Teach me about Science

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How to use EXCEL perfectly, official COURSE.

Would you like to master Excel like an expert? Is Excel your Achilles heel? Do not care anymore! Today we decided to share this course where you can learn to use Excel from scratch, you will learn each tool from the best and 100% free. Excel spreadsheets are one of the tools that help you compete at work, school, and in your personal life. Therefore, learning to use this Office tool is essential for anyone who wants to stand out and get better opportunities.

We increasingly live in a technological era where the Home Office is more common, every day thousands of users use Microsoft tools such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, among them, the spreadsheet is one of the most important because it allows for easy numerical calculations. Through formulas, it facilitates operations and manages thousands of data. It is a very versatile application, used in the field of administration, accounting, management, analysis, summaries and inventories. It is ideal for professionals in these areas, which is why it is crucial to learn how to use Excel to increase productivity, as it allows you to organize data in a matter of minutes.

What is the course about to learn Excel from scratch 100% free?

Knowing the importance of this tool, today we decided to bring you a course offered by the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)the course titled “Digital office automation skills: Microsoft Excel” hosted on the Coursera platform will allow you to learn about this important tool from scratch, you will be able to learn about formulas, functions, dynamic tables, graphic calculations and much more.

Mastering this considerable tool will open up a wide range of personal and career opportunities. The advantage of this training is that there are no prerequisites, it is 100% free and online. In addition, an officially valid certificate is offered, which you can share on your LinkedIn profile or add to your resume.

This course is at a beginner level, so anyone can enter without much problem and it is managed under the modality at your own pace, that is, you can enter classes whenever you want. It is intended that in this training the user learns to create graphs, know printing, calculation, format and other basic operations.


  • Presentation and documentation.
  • Use of the application and basic operations.
  • Format.
  • Calculations.
  • Graphics and printing.

How to enroll in the Excel course for beginners?

Access the platform Courseraregister your email or log in.

Look for the course titled “Digital Office Skills: Microsoft Excel”

Select the free or certified modality.

Access the classes and download your materials.


How to use EXCEL perfectly, official COURSE.

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