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Online courses are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the fact that they are an excellent way with which you can begin to soak up knowledge in a free and very practical way, since the vast majority of them allow you to study at your own pace and The study load is friendly to the student. Such is the case of this course that we are going to present to you below, called Anthropology Course, which is provided on the Edutin Academy platform.

The world of anthropology is not only based on doing excavations and finding bones, as has commonly been thought, this exciting study is much more than that. Since when you study anthropology you begin to have a deep understanding of cultural phenomena, you learn from the entire social heritage, which has great practical application.

This is how anthropologists learn many aspects of human life, from its primitive beginnings to the development of language, as well as the influence of environmental changes on its development and also cultural aspects, among other topics. .

All that and more is what this interesting and complete course offers you, which will teach you how anthropology allows you to study man and the social structures in which he is immersed. All this study benefits the development of human society.

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Below we are going to show you in a simplified way the anthropology course program offered through the Edutin Academy platform.

Anthropology course

Unit 1. Introduction and foundations of culture

° Introduction to the course

° Fundamentals of anthropology

° Sociology

° Cultural sociology

° Fundamentals of culture

° Sociedad

° Cultural Values

° Study of cultural beliefs

Unit 2. Theoretical paradigms and scientific foundations of culture

° Social epistemology

° Classical theory

° Social evolutionism

° Social particularism

° Cultural diffusionism

° Functionalism

° Structuralism

° Structuralist materialist theory of culture

Unit 3. Types of anthropology and global study of culture

° Study of the types of anthropology

° Linguistic anthropology

° Biological or physical anthropology

° Social anthropology

° Cultural anthropology

° Economic anthropology

° Legal and political anthropology

° Archeology

Unit 4. Impact of culture, social psychology and human development

° Interaction and psychosocial processes

° Social perception

° Social cognition

° Social identity

° Social representation

° Social attitudes

° Social behavior

° Study of social identity

Unit 5. Qualitative research and cultural studies

° Introduction to qualitative research

° Characteristics of qualitative research

° Qualitative research method

° Qualitative data collection and analysis

° Ethnography

° Grounded theory

° Field diaries

° Interview

Unit 6. Psychoeducational programs, interculturality and recognition of the other

° Psychoeducational programs

° Multiculturality

° Pluriculturality

° Study of interculturality

° Cultural nation

° Cultural diversity of America

° Anthropology of migration and cultural diversity

° Science of video games and gamification

Unit 7. Management of Cultural Diversity, organizational development and business growth

° Cultural diversity

° Study of social diversity

° The factors of inclusion in the organizers

° The influence of culture on the organization

° Diversity and inclusion in organizations

° Diversity, inclusion and equity in organizations

° Diversity inclusion program in organizations from strategy to culture

° Diverse leadership in the 21st century

As you can see, the program of this course not only focuses on anthropology, it has more topics that surround it and that help the student understand it much better.

We leave you the following link so you can start a new stage in your academic life.

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