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Get to Know ProfpetMama Cat Foods Closely


Nutrition comes first for cats, each of which is a gourmet in their own way. Cats that are fed properly and consume quality food remain healthier throughout their lives.

As frequently stated by veterinarians, the way to ensure a comfortable life for a cat is to consume the right and reliable food. Likewise, it is recommended that cats, especially those with certain diseases and health problems, consume food specially produced for them.

You can make your friends much happier and provide them with the best nutrition possible with Europe’s best quality cat foods such as Pro-Vet and Kis-Kis, which are brought to animal lovers with the assurance of Profpetmama. In this article, we have introduced you to the cat food that you can buy with the assurance of Profpet.

PRO-VET Cat Food

PRO-VET, one of Europe’s leading cat food brands, is formulated under the supervision of veterinarians and experts. Produced with raw materials suitable for human consumption and free of GMOs, these foods attract attention with their variety of products that are especially suitable for cats with certain diseases.

Some of the PRO-VET cat foods you can buy with Profpet assurance and privileges are as follows;

  • PRO-VET Weight Control cat food: This food, specially produced for cats with obesity and weight problems, helps keep your cat’s weight under control and achieve weight loss while getting enough vitamins and minerals.
  • PRO-VET Adult neutered cat food: This product, specially prepared by PRO-VET for neutered cats, contains a formula suitable for your cat’s changing hormones and movement habits after neutering. In this way, your friend’s weight is kept under control, allowing him to live a much healthier life.
  • PRO-VET Intestinal sensitive digestive cat food: This special veterinary food, used for diseases related to the digestive system, helps your cat go through the healing process in the best possible way.

PRO-VET, which offers high-quality veterinary foods specially produced for many different diseases and conditions, reaches your door at the most affordable prices with the assurance of Profpet.

Kis-Kis Cat Food

Kis-Kis cat food, prepared to suit the taste of gourmet cats and formulated by professionals under the supervision of experts, aims to protect the health of your friend at every stage of his life.

Some of the many types of Kis-Kis cat food that you can buy with the assurance of Profpetmama are as follows;

  • Kis-Kis Extra Rich neutered cat food: Thanks to its nutritious formula and special content, this food offers an ideal diet for neutered cats and provides advantages in many different aspects, from fecal odor control to coat health.
  • Kis-Kis Indoor dietetic cat food: With this food formulated for cats living at home and with special dietary needs, you can be sure that your friend is always well-fed and his health is protected.

Products from Europe’s leading brands such as PRO-VET and Kis-Kis, which will always provide the best nutrition for your cat from kitten to old age, are waiting for you at Profpetmama with the most affordable prices.

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