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Getting a second cat home | Prof Pet Food


Cats are known to be sensitive creatures when it comes to sharing territory. Especially if you get a new cat home, it is very important not to be hasty when introducing your friend to your new pet.

When you bring a second cat home, it must be introduced correctly to your first cat. The introduction phase is very important so that your cats do not see each other as a threat and can live happily without fighting.

How Should the Second Cat Taken Home Be Introduced?

Cats tend to be aggressive towards other creatures that enter their territory. When you get a second cat home, it is natural to encounter such a situation and see that the resident cat in your home attacks the new cat. You can use the following tips to prevent such situations and ensure that your friends are not harmed;

  • Be sure to choose the right time: To introduce your cats, it is recommended that you choose a time close to the sleeping time of the cat living at home. Likewise, introducing them in a quiet period where there is not much noise at home will help both cats become less stressed.
  • Introduce your cat by putting it in the carrier: When introducing the second cat you bring home to your first cat, be sure to use a carrier bag. It is very important to use a carrier bag to prevent your cat from harming him if he becomes aggressive. Likewise, the use of bags is recommended so that cats can get used to each other’s smell more easily.
  • Keep the new cat in a different room for a while: It may take time for cats to fully get used to each other’s scent and accept sharing territory. It is recommended that you keep them in different rooms, especially when they will be alone.
  • Buy separate items for your cats: During the introduction, make sure the new cat does not use items belonging to the resident cat. Such a situation may cause your cat to become aggressive as it poses a threat to its territory.
  • Introduce cats in a controlled manner: Introduce your cats to each other in the most controlled way possible. It is important not to make the introduction phase longer than necessary so that your friends can get used to each other.

Getting cats used to each other can be a process that takes from a few days to a few weeks, depending on their character. It is very important to be patient and act as controlled as possible during this period.

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