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Gmail reveals what 'confidential mode' is and how to use it – Teach me about Science

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For all Internet users who usually use the email that Google provides its users with Gmail, we will tell you how you can use the 'confidential mode' of this application of the famous search engine.

Technology has made extremely significant progress in recent decades, as it has brought us tons of devices and software, which have made our lives much easier.

However, thanks to the antisocial behavior of some people who seek to harm others by scamming them or taking their information, all those benefits that technology offers us can become counterproductive.

Privacy is one of the important topics that technology companies have taken a lot into account lately, since their main objective is to protect the information of their users.

Such is the case of Google, one of the best-known technology companies in the world, due to its famous internet search engine called by the same name.

In addition to the search engine, by having a Google user, it offers you a series of very useful applications, which can be used to save information or files on the Internet, virtual maps, calendars and the well-known email with the address ‹‹@gmail. com>>.

The latter being one of the most used by users thanks to its efficiency and ease of use. Gmail is Google's email application, where you can use your emails, both send and receive them, as well as organize them.

Gmail is so used that some companies even rely on this Google application to connect their employees.

It is for this reason and many others that Google has begun to improve its privacy system, because it knows that the information that can be shared through its emails can be very important.

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For them, we will tell you about Gmail's 'confidential mode', a Google email tool that will allow us to multiply the security of the emails we send or receive.

The function of this tool is to send emails that have an expiration date, that is, they will be deleted from the recipient's inbox once the date has passed.

Likewise, you can enter a password to open the email, an alias instead of your name, and restrict the option to copy text or access added files.

To use this tool is simple, just follow the following steps:

1. From our browser, let's enter our Gmail.

2. Let's click on 'compose', as if we were going to send an email normally.

3. Once the message window is displayed, in the lower options bar we must locate the logo of a padlock with a clock.

4. We must press the padlock logo to open the Gmail 'confidential mode' options.

5. In the options we will find the amount of time the message will prevail and if it will require a password.

6. When we have the configuration ready, it will only be a matter of clicking 'save' and that's it.

7. Let's write our message normally and click send and the 'confidential mode' will be ready and activated.

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