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Goku super saiyan phase 3 of 'Dragon Ball Z', the realistic version of an AI – Teach me about Science

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Our favorite Z warrior has been brought to real life with the help of artificial intelligence. Goku super saiyan phase 3 of Dragon Ball Z in the flesh, here we leave you with more information.

The use of technologies today has brought us various situations, in which people rely on these new devices or software to make their lives easier.

Technology has made incredible advances in recent decades, one of the biggest and the last to be a global trend was artificial intelligence, also known as AI.

These AIs are everything that computing has worked on for years, since it is software that tries to imitate the human mind, giving it the ability to carry out complicated activities and learn from it to continue growing as a mind, as mentioned by the International Organization for Standardizationor ISO, for its acronym.

Likewise, from these general AIs we can deduce other types of AI, among them the well-known 'GenAI' stands out, for its abbreviation of generative AIs in Spanish, which function as assistants to create new content.

These generative AI are tools that work with artificial intelligence that is capable of creating images, video and even audio with only a textual description of the idea we have in mind.

This is how an internet user gave himself the freedom to create a realistic version of our favorite Dragon Ball Z character, Goku, but in his phase 3 transformation of the super saiyan.

For this, the generative tool with AI from Leonardo AIwith which high resolution images can be generated, as shown in the image of Super Saiyan Goku 3 in real life.

Kaizen AI/Leonardo AI

But who is Goku?

This extraterrestrial warrior from the planet Vegeta is one of the few Saiyan survivors left in the universe. Goku has spent most of his life living among humans, being raised as one of them, which helped form his compassionate character, in addition to the blow he suffered on the head as a baby.

As he grew up, he faced many adversities, villains, enemies, but at the same time found new friends and companions who would accompany him on his adventures.

After several arcs in the Dragon Ball saga, we reach a point during the Majin Buu saga where, already knowing the super saiyan, Goku exceeds the expectations of all warriors, reaching a level that few could reach, the super saiyan phase 3.

This phase is easily recognized by his extensive golden hair below the waist, prominent eyebrows, disappearance of facial hair and increase in musculature, strength and speed.

These are just the details that can be captured in the real-life representation that the generative AI created, capturing the essence of the warrior Goku in his Super Saiyan phase 3.

These creations by netizens are an incredible representation of how technologies are part of even the most essential part of our lives, such as entertainment.

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