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Golden Retriever – breed description, diseases, breeding, care


The golden retriever is an exceptionally nice breed that enjoys great popularity due to its lively, energetic and friendly manner. They are perfect family companions and are associated with dog joy and excitement. Learn more about this charming breed.

Basic information


time: 25-35 kg

height: up to 61 cm

ointmentfrom cream to golden
length of lifefrom 10 to 13 years old
main featuresintelligent, joyful, sociable, gentle

Appearance and breed standard

Adult female dogs of this breed weigh 25-32 kg and are 51-56 cm tall, while male dogs weigh 30-34 kg and are approximately 56-61 cm tall. The golden retriever has a well-proportioned skull set on a wide neck. Its muzzle is strong and wide. The breed standard allows for coats in all shades of gold and cream. However, purebred dogs should not be mahogany or red. The tail should be set on the back line and have a straight, not curled structure.

These are animals with a proportional and harmoniously built figure. This silhouette is covered with wavy fur. Interestingly, the few white hairs found on the chest are completely acceptable. This dog’s coat retains moisture, so to prevent numerous irritations and skin disorders, the golden retriever’s hair should be regularly groomed.

The appearance described in official sources shows a dog with a harmonious build, with a compact and well-sculpted figure. The head stands out significantly from its background, being quite wide and at the same time expressive. The torso is proportional and massive. The extensive chest is noteworthy. Both the front and rear legs are heavily muscled, and the tail is thick and placed in such a way that it naturally extends the regular line of the back. Moreover, this tail should not be curled at the end, but rather solidly straightened. The head of this dog has rather light features, but the eyes are set wide apart. A dog’s black nose often turns brighter as winter approaches.

The standard of this breed has changed over the years. Nowadays, we can increasingly see individuals with shorter legs and a longer torso. This is related to the abandonment of the weight criterion described in the template. Additionally, the dog may have a different appearance depending on its variety – the American Golden Retriever is much lighter than its European version.

Golden Retriever

Puppies and breeding

Breeding these dogs should take place in comfortable and quiet conditions. If you want to buy a dog of this breed, look for a breeder included in the official breeders’ catalog. This is the only way to be sure that you will get a purebred dog that meets the standards. Breeding, of course, should take place in impeccable conditions, and the dogs should be fed very carefully, so that they do not lack any minerals necessary for further growth. The breeder should also prepare puppies in social terms – dogs should be used to the company of people and other animals.

Puppies of this breed usually cost around PLN 6,000-7,000.

History of the breed

Golden Retriever historia rasy

Where does the breed come from? The history of the breed begins in England at the end of the 19th century. The golden retriever was bred as a dog for retrieving small game and birds while hunting. This is one of six retriever breeds, the probable creator of which was Sir Dudley Marjoribanks, who was half Scottish and half English.

However, there is no single confirmed story explaining the origins of these dogs. There are several alternative theories. One of them concerns a Russian circus troupe – according to this version, Sir Marjoribanks watched a circus performance in which he saw the actions of a yellow dog. The English lord was delighted with the dog’s obedience. For this reason, he bought several dogs of this breed from the Russians and started breeding them on his own property.

Another theory is that the same lord crossed his retriever with a female Tweed Water Spaniel. As a result of this combination, offspring were created, which were then crossed with wavy coated retrievers, tweed water spaniels and even Irish setters. After twenty years of interference in the development and reproduction of these dogs, the prototype of the modern golden retriever has finally been created.

The first dogs of this breed were imported to Poland in the 1980s. Currently, it is a very popular breed that has spread to various parts of the world. A special American variety of this breed was also created, called the American Retriever.

Golden retriever – character and disposition

Due to the fact that these dogs are very balanced, calm and extremely friendly, they should be around people. The golden retriever hates loneliness. Under no circumstances can it be kept in isolation, in a kennel or in a pen.

The character of this dog makes it perfect as a family dog. What’s more, it is also an excellent helper, both during hunting, tracking and for disabled people. He is a very intelligent dog who simply loves learning new things. The greatest advantage of his character is undoubtedly the fact that he is very friendly towards all people and animals. Due to their excellent relaxation properties and their sociability, these dogs are also used in the therapy of autistic children.

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Upbringing and training

Golden Retrievers are extremely friendly and intelligent dogs. They are always willing to learn and love learning new commands. They do not cause any major educational problems. Remember to provide your pet with the right amount of exercise and proper socialization from an early age. When upbringing, choose a firm and consistent, but patient approach. Use positive reinforcement methods and reward your pet with praise or treats for good behavior.

Toys for a golden retriever

Golden Retriever Appearance

These are very active dogs who love to play, so it is worth providing them with appropriate toys that will make their time more enjoyable. We especially recommend Kong toys that stimulate your pet’s innate abilities and instincts. Interactive toys, on the other hand, will occupy the dog’s attention for a long time, provide him with an additional dose of exercise and make him think while playing. To play outdoors, you will need toys such as balls or frisbees.


The accessories needed for a golden retriever are primarily a durable and strong collar and a sufficiently long leash that will not restrict movements during a walk. Additionally, it is worth remembering not to put harnesses on puppies while walking – it may negatively affect the development of their future figure. Also provide your pet with water and food bowls and a bed.

Golden retriever – care

Proper care will ensure your dog’s well-being and healthy appearance. This process, of course, requires the necessary equipment, such as a toothbrush and toothpaste for dogs, a special nail clipper, as well as a brush and a comb for combing the fur.

It is worth getting your dog used to brushing its teeth from an early age. Remember that toothpaste should be specially designed for dogs. Brush all teeth thoroughly and try not to make this activity too burdensome for your dog.

Care should also include wiping the eye area to remove any secretions. Moreover, it is also worth taking care of your pet’s ears. They should be checked regularly for excess discharge. To do this, gently bend your ear and use an ear cleaner specially designed for this purpose.

Diet and nutrition

Dog food should be tailored to its age, weight, activity level, as well as individual needs and preferences. High-quality commercial food for large breed dogs or formulated directly for golden retrievers is especially recommended for dogs of this breed. If the dog is very active, we recommend food for active and sports dogs.

It is important to remember that dogs of this breed tend to gain weight. The owner of these dogs should therefore ensure that they get enough exercise during the day and strictly monitor their diet. Even the smallest concessions can cause excess weight. This, in turn, will burden the joints and negatively affect the spine.

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Health and life expectancy

Diseases are rather rare in this breed of dogs because retrievers are very resistant and adapt perfectly to various weather conditions. However, it should be remembered that despite innate immunity, problems related to the hip joints may often occur – especially in the case of overweight individuals. On the other hand, it is worth remembering not to overdo it in the case of excessive physical exertion, as well as too frequent and intensive climbing of stairs. Although the breed loves exercise, too much of it can lead to joint degeneration.

Eye diseases affect these dogs relatively often, especially in the form of retinal atrophy and cataracts. You should constantly check your pets’ eyes and if you notice any abnormalities, immediately go to the vet. Moreover, hair can also cause problems. Diseases associated with it are caused primarily by moisture that accumulates in the hair. As we know, moisture has a great impact on the development of parasites and fungi. Regular inspection and care of these dogs’ fur is very important.

Who is the breed suitable for?

The temperament of these dogs is gentle, both towards people and other animals. These are extremely devoted and faithful animals. They are composed and mentally stable. For this reason, they are perfect as a family dog ​​- these dogs simply love children.

The dog does not tolerate separation well, so it should not be left alone for a long time. It is worth remembering that these are active and lively dogs of large size, so they will be the best choice for active people. This breed of dog will feel best in a house with a garden.

Golden retriever – interesting facts

It is worth mentioning that these dogs have a much deeper color shade allowed overseas. The American variety of these dogs allows for lighter and much darker shades of fur. Moreover, the American golden retriever is much smaller and has a lighter head than its European counterpart.

These dogs are incredibly popular in Poland, mainly due to their very nice disposition and obedience. However, not everyone knows that there is a very similar breed of dog, which is even more calm – this breed of dog is the Hovawart.

Popular names

Dog names Names for female dogs
Charlie, Birsztyn, Leo, Lucky, Happy, Yogi, Felek, Henry, Timon, Fifi, Elvis, Eddie, Scooby, Goofy. Goldie, Złotko, Amber, Luna, Tola, Diana, Coco, Saba, Nela, Siri, Nana, Pola, World, Mela.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Golden Retriever need a lot of exercise?

Yes, this breed loves long walks – they need at least one walk a day. Additionally, these dogs love baths, it is worth remembering that.

How much does a Golden Retriever cost?

Puppies of this breed cost from PLN 2,000 to PLN 7,000.

Is a Golden Retriever suitable for apartment living?

Growing up in a block of flats will not be burdensome for this breed, provided that it is provided with the appropriate amount of exercise.

Does the Golden Retriever have hair or fur?

Goldens have fur, either smooth or wavy, that requires special care. These dogs also have a waterproof undercoat.

Is the Golden Retriever destructive?

These well-behaved dogs do not tend to destroy objects, but they like fetching and have a tendency to carry things in their mouths.

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Date of publication: 15/02/2018

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