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GPT-5 will arrive sooner than we expected and this is all you need to know

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Chat GPT has revolutionized the artificial intelligence industry, turning this technology into a true source of gold for technology companies around the world. Chat GPT-4 was released almost a year ago, and the next version, which promises to be even more powerful, will be released in the middle of this year. Stay for all the details.

GPT-5 will be released in summer

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OpenAI is developing GPT-5 with third-party organizations with the aim of offering a product much more oriented to the personal and business world. Specifically, it appears that the fifth version will be “materially better” than previous chatbot technology.

The next versions of Chat GPT y GPT-5 turbo will come with additional enhanced features, and one of the most important concepts will be the so-called “AI Agents”external agents developed by OpenAI whose function is to perform specific tasks independently, with the aim of increasing productivity.

Currently, developers must test the security limits of the model with internal staff, whose betas will determine whether it is necessary to include greater security patches or not.

Sora, a new AI powered by ChatGPT and DALL-E

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In parallel with the development of the fifth version of the software, Sam Altman is developing other extremely interesting tools, such as Sora, an evolution of ChatGPT with the ability to generate texts, and DALL-E for creating images from commands or prompt that we users write to obtain images.

Sora is an AI created by OpenAI. It is capable of generating a video from the commands that we write to it. Its operation is similar to that obtained in the two previous versions, since it is capable of accessing a complete library of videos. Thus, depending on the orders we issue, it is capable of creating a video. The more information we provide, the more specific the result will be. At the moment, we know that Sora will eventually be incorporated into the product catalog, but there is no exact date and only the company's internal staff can access this software. The CEO of this company has indicated that it will only be launched public when you have passed all the relevant security measures.

Native processors to power OpenAI

We have seen that OpenAI has a clear roadmap, and that is to become a reference in AI development. However, Sam Altman is clear that, in order to deploy the full potential that his team can develop, he needs to have his own processors, chips that work synchronously with the needs of the software.

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Sam states that one of the existential problems that the company has for its growth is the lack of GPU and CPU that meet the needs of the software, so you are forced to have the computer developed by Windows, which has more 10.000 GPU from Nvidia. Still, if the industry continues to advance, they need to double their capabilities quickly.

To do this, it is seeking financing from the main countries in the world, and the United Arab Emirates is willing to offer 7,000 billion dollars for its development.

The Saudi government wants to turn the country from Persian Gulf in a reference in the field of artificial intelligence, so it is willing to put up the money necessary to develop this industry in exchange for the research centers being located in the country.

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