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Harvard launches Course “Introduction to data science with Python” is FREE – Enséñame de Ciencia

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Don't miss the opportunity to become an expert in data science, today we share a free course taught by one of the best universities in the world, so pay close attention.

One of the areas of knowledge with the greatest growth and future is computing, among its derived disciplines, such as artificial intelligence and data science, they are highly sought after by companies, organizations and institutions that handle a large amount of data, Therefore, they require trained personnel who can analyze them.

As we all know, data science is a discipline that is responsible for extracting useful information from data for decision making and knowledge generation. It is important because it allows us to analyze large amounts of information and find patterns, trends and relationships that would otherwise be difficult to identify. Data science has applications in various fields, such as medicine, law, finance and marketing, among others. Its usefulness lies in its ability to predict behavior, optimize processes, improve decision making and generate competitive advantages. In short, data science helps us make the most of the potential of data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.

What are the prerequisites?

To get the most out of this course, it is suggested that students already have prior knowledge in:

-Basic programming knowledge: Previous experience in Python is recommended (you can acquire it in the CS50 “Introduction to Programming with Python” course).

-Basic knowledge of statistics: You can cover this requirement with the “Fat Chance” course or with “Stat110” from HarvardX.

About the course

This training is hosted on the EdX platform, it is taught by Harvard University, it is named “HarvardX: Introduction to Data Science with Python”, To date it has 106,523 enrolled students.

This course is characterized by being 100% online, it has a flexible schedule (you can adapt it to the schedules of your daily activities), it only requires 8 weeks (it is suggested to take it 3 to 4 hours per week), best of all is that it is free.

Course registration: to access this training, you just have to enter the DIRECT LINKregister and start parenting.

Course syllabus

This course is divided into A modules, which must be covered in their entirety in order to acquire the knowledge and skills that the trainers have proposed since the design of this program.

Course interface, credits to EdX

Data Science Course Outline

First topic: Linear regression

Second theme: Multiple and polynomial regression

Third theme: Model selection and cross-validation

Fourth topic: Bias, variance and hyperparameters

Fifth topic: Classification and logistic regression

Sixth theme: Multilogistic regression and missingness

Seventh theme: Bootstrap, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing

Eighth theme: Final project

What will you learn with this course?

Surely you will wonder if by taking this course you will acquire the sufficient knowledge to master data science or what skills you will obtain when you finish it, below we share some of these to make your decision:

-Get hands-on experience and practice using Python to solve real data science challenges.

-Practice Python programming and coding for modeling, statistics, and storytelling.

-Uses popular libraries such as Pandas, numPy, matplotlib and SKLearn.

-Run basic machine learning models using Python, evaluate the performance of those models, and apply them to real-world problems.

-Builds a foundation for using Python in machine learning and artificial intelligence, preparing you for future Python studies.

What did you think of this course? We hope that the syllabus and learning objectives fit your educational needs. Likewise, remember that the course is free and you also have the option of obtaining a certificate with a symbolic cost.

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