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Has your iPhone's performance improved with iOS 17.4.1?

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After a full weekend with iOS 17.4.1 on our iPhone, we want to show you if this latest version of software really only includes small improvements in terms of performance and autonomy on different devices, both in the latest models and in those that have been running longer. time on the market, like the iPhone XS or 11.

The tests we have carried out correspond to the Pro models as standard units, including the iPhone 15 Pro Max or the second generation iPhone SE.

Performance with iOS 17.4.1

We carried out the first tests with the iPhone 15 Pro Max, which offers very similar scores compared to the previous version.

  • iPhone 15 Pro Max iOS 17.4.
    • Single-core: 2968
    • Multi-core: 7414
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max 17.4.1
    • Single-core: 2871
    • Multi-core: 7369
  • iPhone 15 con iOS 17.4
    • Single-core: 2797
    • Multi-core: 6819
  • iPhone 15 con iOS 17.4.1
    • Single-core: 2665
    • Multi-core: 7013

stand by and iOS 17

It is true that there has been a small variation, improving about 100 points in both the Pro Max models and the base models. It really is a very small jump, which shows that simply the errors that the company has corrected are more than enough to improve the performance of the unit.

Next we are going to see the rest of the units:

  • iPhone SE 2nd generation with iOS 17.4:
    • Single-core: 1718 puntos
    • Multi-core: 3764 points
  • iPhone SE 2nd generation with iOS 17.4.1
    • Single-core: 1749 puntos
    • Multi-core: 3425 points

The device has briefly improved over the previous generation.

  • iPhone XR con iOS 17.4
    • Single-core: 1294 puntos
    • Multi-core: 2609 points
  • iPhone XR con iOS 17.4.1
    • Single-core: 1331 puntos
    • Multi-core: 2671 points

stand by iOS 17

Unlike the previous version, the update has suited the iPhone XR very well, which shows that, if the version does not contain errors and works smoothly, the device still has great performance left.

  • iPhone 13 Pro Max con iOS 17.4
    • Single-core: 2141 puntos
    • Multi-core: 4974 points
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max con iOS 17.4.1
    • Single-core: 2242 puntos
    • Multi-core: 5225 points

The improvement that was evident in the previous version has been confirmed in this one.

In short, it seems that with this minor version of iOS, it has improved considerably its benefits at the performance level, confirming the trend we had with iOS 17.4. Thus, with the correction of errors it represents a smaller but positive leap, because the teams continue to improve their performance, regardless of the years or months they have been on the market.

When will iOS 17.5 arrive?

To finish this post, let's talk about iOS 17.5, which will be released in beta version for developers this week. This version has shown information about new iPads, including some software-related improvements and thus paving the way for WWDC which will take place in June 2024.

The final version will take place in April, but starting next week we will bring you the news of this beta.

Apple Park Cupertino

The proximity to June means that the software development will conclude in a few weeks, in mid-May, to prepare for the presentation of the most important event along with the Keynote in September.

Regarding iOS 18, the rumors are contradictory, since reports indicate that Apple could support all devices compatible with iOS 17. However, following company tradition, it is possible that XS and XR models Do not update to the latest version to complete its five-year update cycle.

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