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Hold your breath before you know why you should NOT leave Bluetooth on if you are not using it – Teach me about Science

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Bluetooth is one of the most used functions on cell phones or computers, but do you know that it is not advisable to leave it activated when you are not using it? Here we tell you the important reason, so pay close attention.

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On the other hand, the Bluetooth range is approximately 10 meters, without losing the connection, although it could begin to fail at this distance.

This technology is something that has been around for years, and without a doubt continues to mark the same revolution as now. It has been of great help, since it allows us, mostly, to listen to music on speakers, and more functions.

Having Bluetooth activated seems to be a harmless activity, and yes, but to a certain extent, the reason? There are two of them, to tell the truth, so pay attention.

Initially, if you leave Bluetooth on, even if you are not using it, the only thing you will do is cause your cell phone's battery to run out sooner than you expected, something that could be inconvenient if you are away from home and do not have the phone with you. your cell phone charger

The other reason has more to do with the security of your devices and your personal information, especially if it is your cell phone or computer.

It has become known that our cell phone can be a focus of cybercriminals, since it is exposed when leaving your Bluetooth on.


Arms (a security company) says that blueborne is an <>.

Image credit: Armis

The attack of these cybercriminals happens through Bluetooth, once your Bluetooth is located and, WITHOUT connecting directly, they will begin to spread the malicious program (malware) without you realizing it in time.

That's right, cybercriminals will not need to link or pair with your device, it will only be enough for you to have your Bluetooth active and it is not linked to any other device.

Once the malware has taken over your cell phone or computer, you will be a target for cyber espionage, data theft, ransomware and more, according to the portal of the security company Armis.

Now you know the reason why you should not leave your Bluetooth on, so we recommend that you do not miss it, every time you finish using your Bluetooth it is best to deactivate the function, it will not take you much time.

On the other hand, also try to avoid connecting or linking to devices of dubious origin, there is no known problem with this, but it is better to prevent.

If you know someone who tends to leave the Bluetooth function activated because 'nothing is happening', tell them what you learned today, we are sure they will thank you.

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