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How can you connect your Alexa to your mobile data? Take it everywhere – Teach me about Science

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One of the smart devices that have become essential at home and that many of us use for different activities is without a doubt Alexathis smart speaker is one of the most economical on the market, it is characterized by being very useful and easy to use for people of all ages.

Its cost is very competitive in the market, taking into account other devices in its category. It is capable of carrying out a large number of activities that can help us make our lives easier, from setting an alarm, making a phone call, answering a curious question, playing our favorite music or song that we choose, giving us relevant information about the weather and traffic. or the price of a product, take care of our house, be our language teacher, our gym instructor and even tell us stories and carry out advanced activities such as controlling other smart devices such as screens, speakers, lamps and blinds.

However, as we all know, Alexa needs a fixed internet connection to be able to function, obtain data from its cloud and carry out the activities that we ask of it. Can you imagine being able to connect it to your mobile data on your phone and be able to use it in various places? Well, this is now possible and today we will share the steps to do it with your Alexa echo dot device, so pay close attention so as not to miss any details.

How to connect Alexa to mobile data: Step-by-step guide

Do you run out of internet at home and Alexa doesn't work or do you want to take your device somewhere else? Don't worry, you can connect it to your cell phone's mobile data and continue enjoying all its functions. Just follow these simple steps:

Prepare your device:

-Activate mobile data on your cell phone and activate the WiFi access point on your cell phone. This creates a WiFi network that uses your device's mobile data.

Some Alexa echo models, credits to Xataka

Connect Alexa to the mobile network:

-Open the Alexa application on your cell phone. Select Devices. Choose Echo & Alexa.

-Select the name of your Alexa device. Tap Change next to WiFi network. Select Connect to another WiFi network.

-Choose the name of the WiFi network that comes from your cell phone (normally it starts with the name of your operator). If prompted, enter the password for your cell phone's WiFi network. Just confirm the connection. Ready, Alexa will now be connected to your cell phone's mobile data.

What did you think of this information? We hope that this technological trick will be very useful to you and will allow you to take your Alexa echo device everywhere. Remember that there are also portable batteries for this device, which could further improve its autonomy because you will not depend on a fixed electrical connection to be able to enjoy its amenities. If you like this technological news, we recommend that you visit us as many times as you like to learn about new things in science, technology, entertainment, medicine and health. Have a great week and don't miss the astronomical events that are just around the corner.

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