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How can you easily get a degree? The SEP launches agreement 286, for people without degrees – Teach me about Science

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One of the most complicated, long and mentally exhausting procedures is obtaining a university degree after having completed a university degree. Likewise, there are people who, for one or more reasons, started a degree, but were unable to finish it correctly, but managed to enter the labor market and with experience have acquired a lot of knowledge at a good level, at which they could already obtain a degree. Likewise, there are people who have been self-taught and have experience, but did not complete a degree in a certain area, but could participate to obtain a degree. For all these cases, the Ministry of Public Education (SEP) has launched a very interesting and useful call to help in the certification of people who find themselves in any of the situations mentioned above using agreement 286.

What is accreditation and qualification by Agreement 286 of the SEP?

If you find yourself in any of the situations mentioned above or know a friend or family member who could apply, then pay close attention because this could be very useful for them to take the next step in their professional lives and personal projects. If this is the first time you are hearing about this agreement or you are interested in applying, we share information from the official portal and we hope it can clarify your doubts.

According to the SEP, This is a process that is carried out through global evaluations that allows obtaining a certificate or professional title for those who began studies and did not complete them, for those who accredited all the credits of a study plan and program, but did not obtain the respective academic document; or for those who did not carry out formal studies, but have acquired knowledge, skills and abilities through work practice or self-taught. The evaluation is carried out through Evaluating Institutions, whether public or private entities that carry out global evaluations, with the purpose of accrediting educational levels or professional profiles, existing within the National Educational System.

The 5 steps to obtain a title with agreement 286

How to prove knowledge acquired self-taught or through work experience? If you have wondered what the steps are to obtain a degree through this route, we tell you that it is very simple, but you must pay attention to the requirements and know if your situation is valid or applies for this degree route.

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Steps for Accreditation and Certification

Step 1 Check the institutions with authorization to evaluate through Agreement 286: Choose an Evaluating Institution to start the accreditation process, Consult the Directory.

Step 2 Schedule an evaluation date: The Evaluating Institution will verify that you comply with all the requirements established in accordance with the applicable regulations, in addition to complying with the requirements that the institution establishes in accordance with the authorization granted by the Permanent Appointment Committee.

Step 3 Submit Evaluation: The evaluation may be made up of two or more exams, which you must accredit with the passing score established by the Evaluating Institution. Accredit the corresponding evaluations.

Step 4 Process title: The procedure can be carried out through the DAIRY or the Evaluating Institution. If you choose to submit the procedure to the DGAIR, you must send an email to [email protected] from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Enter the link and review all the requested documentation requirements.

Step 5 Receive Electronic Title: The DGAIR or Evaluating Institution will deliver the academic document via email, which is valid throughout the National Educational System to be able to carry out further studies and practice in the labor field.

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