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How can you free up space on your Google Drive? This is how it is done without paying a peso – Teach me about Science

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One of the most popular cloud services that we have access to with our email account and that offer good storage space is without a doubt the Google Drive cloud.

For almost all Android phones and tablets with the same operating system, they almost necessarily require the creation of a Google email account to be able to use them and access the services offered by this operating system (Gmail email, Google Drive, Google Photos, Music, among others).

One of the most important benefits of this cloud service is that it offers storage space of up to 15 GB, which, although they are not a large number of gigabytes, are the best we can find compared to their competitors such as Apple's iCloud or Microsoft's Drive.

However, since it is shared with other services and stores a large amount of your information and files such as your photos, videos and WhatsApp backups, it can easily become saturated, so it is important to free up space.

Today we will teach you how to do it easily and you don't have to pay any money for more space in the cloud, so pay close attention.
Free up space on Google Drive without paying a euro: step-by-step guide

Running out of space on Google Drive? Don't worry, you don't have to pay for more storage. Here we show you how to free up space on Google Drive for free:

First Check your storage usage:

-Access the web version of Google Drive.

-In the left menu, click on “Used Storage”.

-A graph will show you the space occupied by Drive, Photos and Gmail.

-Click on each section to see details and cleaning options.

Second Delete large files:

-In Drive, click “Sort by” and select “Size”.

-Locate and delete files you no longer need, especially larger ones.

-You can use the checkbox to delete several at once.

Some of the services of Google Drive, credits to Google

Third Remove spam emails and attachments:

-In Gmail, use the search function to find emails with large files or spam.

-Select and delete emails you no longer need.

-Empty the trash to permanently free up space.

Fourth Optimize your photos and videos:

-In Google Photosselect the “Free up space” option.

-Google will suggest photos and videos that you can safely delete.

-You can choose to delete them by size, quality or date.

Fifth Maintain regular cleaning:

-Check your Drive, Photos, and Gmail storage periodically.

-Delete files and emails that you no longer need.

-This practice will help you maintain adequate free space.

Additional Tips for Maintaining Good Storage Space

In addition to those important 5 methods that we have shared with you to free up space in your cloud, we suggest that you compress large files before uploading them to Driveuse the “Trash” feature to recover accidentally deleted files, and if you need more space, you can consider a Google One storage plan.

Free up space on Google Drive and continue enjoying your free storage, remember to be careful when deleting files, make sure you don't delete anything important, if in doubt, consult Google Drive help for more information.

We hope that this information is very useful to you and that you can use it to free up space in your account without having to pay for it. We wish you a great week.

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