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How much will it cost to see the total solar eclipse? – Teach me about Science

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Fascinating astronomical events are happening all the time; Some we can see with the naked eye, others we can't and some more we have to wait a long time to be able to witness them again. Such is the case of specific comets, such as Halley's Comet or Comet Diablo, which approach Earth approximately every 70 years.

Meteor showers are astronomical events that generally happen regularly, so you can be lucky enough to look up at the sky one night and observe a great meteor shower. However, in the case of total solar eclipses the same cannot be said, since, although their frequency, according to the NASA, it can be a year and a half, we are not always lucky enough to observe said eclipse, since the shadow of the Moon is very small. For this reason, only when you are in the sunny place at the time of the eclipse can you visualize it. And, furthermore, you must be in the path of the lunar shadow.

For this reason, it is possible to observe a lunar eclipse from the same place on Earth for only a few minutes, approximately every 375 years, so being able to witness a total solar eclipse is an astronomical event that you should not miss for any reason. world, since the chances of you living it again are very slim.

And even if you had the opportunity to see it daily, it is always excellent to witness a total solar eclipse, like the one that is about to occur this April 8 of this year. This eclipse will be visible in three countries: Mexico, the United States and Canada, with Mexico being the country that will have the best weather conditions to see it and the longest duration. For this reason, the scientific community in Mexico has considered it the “Great Mexican Eclipse.”

Surely, you are interested in knowing which is the place where the eclipse can be seen in all its splendor and will last the longest. It is the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, and if you want to travel to enjoy the longest duration of the eclipse on the entire continent (4 minutes and 20 seconds), we will give you the ticket prices if you travel from Mexico City to the port from Mazatlán.

There are three other cities in which this eclipse will be seen: Durango, Monclova and Torreón, although they will have a shorter duration. In Mexico City, visibility will be 79%.

This is how much it will cost to see the solar eclipse

If you are going to travel by bus, from Mexico City to Mazatlán, we give you the following options:

TAP Pacific Transportation Buses: Round trip for 1 person, from April 7 to April 9 – approximately $3,318 pesos.

Car with booth payment: you must go through the following booths; These are the costs:

Reform / Constituent Junction – La Marquesa $105

Lib. of Toluca (Ent. Lerma – San Cayetano) $6

San Cayetano – Ixtlahuaca $34

Ixtlahuaca – Atlacomulco $34

Ent. Atlacomulco – Ent. Temascalcingo $59

Ent. Tlalpujahua – Ent. Maravatio $59

Ent. Maravatío – Ent. Morelia $182

Ent. Morelia – Ent. Churintzio $237

Ent. Churintzio – Ent. The Boat $127

Ent. La Barca – Ent. Guadalajara $180

Ent. Guadalajara – Ent. Tons of $7

Ent. Ameca – Ent. Cupcake $193

Ent. Magdalena – Ent. Ixtlán del Río $132

Ent. Ixtlán del Río – Tepic (ent. San Cayetano) $92

Tepic (El Pichón) – The San Blas Cruise $165

The San Blas cruise – Ent. Rosamorada $235

Ent. Rosamorada – Ent. Pebbles $470

Ent. Piedritas – Ent. Speed ​​$280

Ent. Caleritas – Mazatlán $0

Such a car trip would cost approximately $5,000, not counting the cost of gasoline.

Plane: Volaris: A round trip flight for one person can cost up to 11,000

Image credits: Cuartoscuro

VivaAerobús: A round flight for two people with light luggage (hand luggage, up to 15 kilos) in standard seats, with TUA included, $8,682 pesos.

Aeroméxico: A round trip flight for two people with light luggage (hand luggage, up to 15 kilos) in standard seats, with TUA included, $20,444 pesos.

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