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How to help your cat and dog rest well


After an accident, one of my four-legged clients began to be terrified of cars. At night he couldn’t sleep, as soon as he heard a car he would hide in the closet and start whining. He had skin problems that kept returning, he refused food and even when he ate he often vomited. Her human companions had tried everything but nothing seemed to work.

When I met the little dog, I immediately knew he had a great need for sleep. So we immediately started working on the trauma and fears with naturopathy to stabilize mood and energy. When he began to rest again, all other problems quickly disappeared.

How long should dogs and cats rest?

You will surely know that kitty and fido sleep much more than us.

The exact number of hours of sleep depends on the age of the animal, some breed traits and individual characteristics but in general:

  • A puppy dog ​​can sleep 14-18 hours a day, an adult dog 12-14 hours and an older dog about 10-11 hours.
  • A kitten sleeps about 18-20 hours a day. An adult cat approximately 12-16 hours a day and an elderly cat approximately 20 hours.

What happens if your cat and dog don’t sleep enough

For people and animals, rest is restorative on every level.

When your cat and dog don’t get enough rest, the body becomes fatigued and stress levels increase. Your friend could become more aggressivestart destroying shoes and everything that goes through the paws, be more reactive to stimuli e less sociable.

If sleep problems continue it may develop anxiety, depression or behavioral disorders,memory and concentration problems.

The problems of lack of sleep can also be seen physically. Poorly rested animals are less energetic, apatheticthey can have difficulty digesting and movingthey have a weaker immune system and when they get sick they have longer recovery times.


How to help your cat and dog rest well

To sleep well and regenerate, dogs and cats need to be able to respect their natural rhythms and habits as much as possible.

The first thing you can do to ensure your friends sleep peacefully is adapt your shared lifestyle.

For example, Fido rests better after stretching his legs. A nice walk before going to bed is ideal but no too lively games. The last stroll of the day must be calm and not excessively long, to prepare for rest.

Remember that your cat and your dog are creatures of habit. Have one fixed daily routine It calms them down and helps them better manage their energy. Create a schedule with times for feedings, going out, playing and moments of relaxation to prepare for rest. To have harmony in the family pack, rules and rhythms that are sustainable for everyone are needed.

Also the environment for rest influences the quality of sleep.

Kennel and sleeping areas must be located in a quiet and peaceful place in the house, with little traffic. Dogs and cats are sensitive to noise and territorial over their resting place. If there are children in the house, make sure they do not disturb your pet when he is in his space.

It is important that the sleeping and relaxation area is convenient, comfortable and has everything your pet may need to feel comfortable and relax while resting. In addition to pillows and blankets, you can leave your cat and dog some objects to reassure and calm them, such as a soft toy or a stick to gnaw on (reduces stress).

If the kitten or dog at home can’t stay alone during the night, you can try to calm them with a spa effect by diffusing them into the environment cedarwood or valerian essential oil. Even relaxing music at a very low volume can help them fall asleep faster and rest better.

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