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How to leave your car's upholstery impeccable with this infallible trick – Teach me about Science

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Cleaning our car can be an arduous task that takes a little more time than normal. Luckily, we have tricks that can make this arduous cleaning task easier. Many of them are very effective and leave incredible results, whether for the exterior or interior of the car, in this last aspect there is one that promises incredible results, since you can ensure that the upholstery of your car can last very clean and for a long time. without the need to clean and here we will tell you how.

When it comes to cleaning a car, one of the parts that gets the most dirty is the upholstery, therefore, it is necessary to clean it properly to avoid the accumulation of dust, mites and dirt, prevent these particles from causing allergic reactions and affecting the your health and everyone inside your car, as they contaminate the air quality and the breathing of all passengers.

Cleaning the upholstery of our car usually costs quite expensive, it all depends on the place where the cleaning is done, but the price range tends to be 500 Mexican pesos for cleaning the interior of a small car, a medium one around 700 Mexican pesos, large or van 900 pesos and extra large or 3 rows up to 1300 Mexican pesos, any of these services take a day to complete.

As you can see, the expense is quite high and depending on the availability of the place and how many cars they have to clean, they may deliver your car later than you expected. It's time for this to stop happening to you and do it for you, so take note of the following information or screenshot that will surely help you a lot and save you a lot of money.

How can you clean your car's upholstery?

What you will have to do is the following:

° Get a container and add warm water, white vinegar, fabric softener, liquid soap and baking soda.

° Once you have everything, proceed to stir it, then with a microfiber cloth, proceed to moisten it with the mixture from the container and start cleaning the upholstery of your car.

° Apply this mixture very well over the entire surface, putting more emphasis on the areas that you notice are most dirty, and in this way you will be able to make even the most difficult stains disappear.

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It should be noted that this trick has generated many positive opinions on social networks, since several users have confirmed that it leaves very satisfactory results and highlight the great money savings they make by resorting to cleaning their cars themselves.

There you have it, be part of the thousands of people who have resorted to cleaning the upholstery of their car using this very effective trick that will leave the interior of your car like new and with an excellent aroma.

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