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How to provide your cat with appropriate nutritional conditions?


Every cat owner wants to provide their beloved cat with the best possible conditions, comfort and safety. However, did you know that feeding your cat the right amount of appropriate food daily is not everything when it comes to the cat’s feeding environment? It is worth knowing that in some respects cats prefer routine, while in others they prefer variety. How to provide your cat with appropriate nutritional conditions?

Read our practical tips.

Your pet’s own bowl

The first important issue is to provide our cat with its own bowls from which it will eat meals if there is more than one cat or other pets in the house. In addition, each pet should have its own place to eat. Separating the bowls prevents other pets from snacking from the bowl, which is especially important considering that each cat or dog should eat food tailored to its needs resulting from age, weight, size, lifestyle, health condition and specific needs. Additionally, by separating bowls you prevent competition for meals.

Fixed meal times

Providing appropriate food is not everything – you also need to develop a feeding routine and follow it, because meal times determine the rhythm of your cat’s day. Remember that the daily dose of food given to your cat should be divided into several meals. In the case of an adult cat, it should be at least 3 meals – if possible, it is best to divide the daily dose into 5 meals. Also, keep your cat calm while feeding.

Remember to feed your cat high-quality meals tailored to its needs. Cats are natural carnivores, so their diet should contain a sufficiently high dose of animal protein.

We especially recommend Orijen cat food, which reflects the natural diet of cats. The offer includes both formulas for kittens, such as ORIJEN Kitten, and for cats of all ages. These include formulas such as ORIJEN Original Cat, ORIJEN Cat Regional Red, and ORIJEN Cat Tundra.

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Raised feeding

Some cats prefer to eat from a bowl on a raised surface – it’s worth trying this method. Try feeding your cat meals on a wide shelf or other type of raised surface, making sure the space is stable and safe.

Also separate the food bowl from the water bowl – their close proximity may discourage the cat from drinking water, and dehydration is particularly dangerous for cats.

Add variety to your meal

Do you always serve food in the same bowl? Time to diversify! Change your cat’s bowl from time to time, making sure it is flat and wide enough so that its whiskers do not interfere with its feeding.

You can also encourage your cat to hunt for food and thus develop its innate hunting instincts. Food toys or interactive toys are useful for this purpose, or you can hide food pellets and encourage your cat to track them down. Such variety will activate the cat and have a positive effect not only on its natural abilities, but also on its motor system.

Cat dining room and cat toilet

Many owners arrange a cat corner at home by gathering all their cat accessories in one place, including a cat bed, food and water bowls, and a litter box. We do not recommend this method – after all, none of us would like to eat meals right next to the toilet! It’s no different with cats, so make sure the cat’s litter box is at an appropriate distance from its bowls and bed.

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Constant access to water

Innovative solutions for picky eaters: bowls that encourage cats to eat

As already mentioned, dehydration is particularly dangerous for the health of cats, and unfortunately some cats are reluctant to drink water or forget about it and require additional encouragement. Their low thirst is due to the fact that their wild ancestors formerly inhabited mainly desert areas. However, a cat’s body needs water – fortunately, there are ways to hydrate it.

Provide your cat with constant access to fresh water – preferably in every room of the house and in various types of bowls or dishes. You can also buy a cat fountain – the constant movement of water is an additional incentive for the cat. If your pet drinks very little, it is worth introducing wet food into its diet, for example ACANA Premium Pâté wet cat food.

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