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How to scan documents using Google Drive and convert them to high-quality PDF? – Teach me about Science

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Digitized documents are becoming very important in today's life, as they are easier to send, are secure and can be preserved for many years. For this reason, several companies and public agencies have implemented the digitalization of very important documents such as birth certificates, CURPs, birth certificates, professional licenses, marriage certificates and records of the tax situation where our tax data.

Surely on more than one occasion you have been asked for documents or works scanned and converted into PDF so that they can be sent via email, uploaded to a platform or other media.

If you don't have a scanner, this simple job can become a headache, because if you try to take a photo and then convert said photo to PDF, the shadows and quality may be very bad, to the point that they are not eligible. or aesthetic. But don't worry, today we will share an interesting method using your cell phone's Google drive to do this task.

Scan documents in an instant with Google Drive from your phone

Do you need to digitize important documents? With Google Drive, you can easily do this from your phone or tablet. You just have to follow these simple steps

First: Open the Google Drive application. Then tap the camera icon at the bottom right.

Second: Frame the document you want to scan with your device's camera.

Third: Take the picture. You can activate automatic capture for greater convenience. Adjust the scan to your liking:

-Crop and rotate to get the desired area.

-Apply filters to adjust colors or convert to grayscale.

-Remove smudges, fingers and other imperfections with the “Clean” tool.

Scanning documents with Google drive, credits to Informatec

Room: Scan more pages by tapping “Add” to scan another page. Repeat the process for each page you need to add.

Quinto: Review and save your document: Press “Done” when you're done, it will ask you to assign a name, then choose the location on Google Drive where you want to save it. Touch “Save” to finish.

How to easily access the documents you have scanned?

To view and manage the documents that you have scanned and use a lot, you can create a shortcut to the scanning function, to do this follow these steps:

-Create a shortcut on the home screen for speed. Look for the “Drive: Scan” widget in your device widgets.

-Long press the widget and drag it to the home screen, select the folder where you want to save the scanned documents and that's it.

PDF documents and their importance in the digital age

According to information from the official Adobe portal, the word PDF means “Portable Document Format” and was developed by the company Adobe Systems. The advantage of PDF documents is that they maintain the original format of the document, including text, images, graphics and layout, regardless of the software, hardware or operating system used to view them. PDF files are widely used due to their ability to be viewed and shared consistently across different devices and platforms. Additionally, PDF documents can be password protected and contain interactive features, such as fillable forms and links.

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