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How to Teach Your Dog to Swim?


Swimming is great exercise for dogs! Swimming, a low-intensity exercise that strengthens cardiovascular health, is a great sport that dogs of all ages can benefit from. Your pet can greatly enjoy this activity, which relieves pressure on the joints, especially in older dogs and dogs with mobility problems.

Swimming not only contributes physically, but also improves the bond between dog and owner. Dogs of all ages can learn this activity, which reinforces their sense of trust and allows them to have fun together.

Which Dogs Can Learn to Swim?

It is known that all dogs can learn to swim if given proper training. Apart from this, it is important to remember that some dog breeds have an innate swimming instinct.

Special dog breeds, such as the Portuguese Water Dog, are considered among the best breeds for swimming, with their webbed paws and waterproof fur. This dog breed, which has undertaken fishing and lifeguard duties throughout history, proves how good swimmers our furry friends can be.

How to Teach Dogs to Swim?

Although some dogs learn to swim more easily than others, it is possible to provide this training to all dogs. Dogs of all ages, from puppyhood to old age, can learn to swim with the right training. You can check out the tips below to teach your friend to swim safely:

  • Start training in shallow and waveless areas such as pools and bays. Initially trying to swim in a wavy sea may scare your dog.
  • Let your dog progress at his own pace. Remember that even though it may be uneasy and slow at first, you should not force it.
  • Introduce dogs that are afraid of water into water gradually. Do not suddenly drop it into deep water.
  • Once your dog starts to feel comfortable, you can move further with aids such as armbands and life preservers.
  • You can use supports such as treats during training. Doing this will help your friend feel better and increase his interest in swimming.
  • Observe your dog at every stage of training. Don’t forget to take it out of the water if it gets tired or stressed.
  • You can show your dog a toy or offer a treat to encourage him to move forward in the water.

Your dog will become a better swimmer as he spends time in the water. By following the right steps, you can easily teach your dog to swim if you keep things slow and safe.

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