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How to train a dog? – key principles


Anyone who decides to adopt a dog should know its basic needs. We usually remember the basics, such as accessories, food and toys, and forget about the dog’s behavioral and psychological needs. It is worth knowing how to train a dog so that both it and its owner can lead a comfortable life together.

Dog training – why should we remember it?

Some people may think why train a dog, let it live its own life, let it do what it wants, etc. Unfortunately, if we plan that our dog will have contact with other people and other dogs, either on a walk or at home , it is important to establish specific rules. This is good both for us and for the dogs themselves, who will have mental peace thanks to certain rules.

Dog training

How to understand a dog?

People communicate with each other using verbal language. Very often, dog owners also use this type of communication with their animals. By training or playing with a dog, we create a common language with it. To understand a dog, you need to know what you should pay attention to. Dogs communicate their feelings, among others, through their eyesight, tail wagging, and the entire posture of their body. There are also many other signals from which you can read the dog’s emotions.

Dog and man

Advantages of dog training

Dog training is very important, among other things, because:

  • a trained dog that knows the rules does not cause behavioral problems and is better behaved;
  • a trained dog knows commands, so at certain moments we can calm him down or, for example, call him to us;
  • we can entrust property or loved ones to defend a dog that has undergone training;
  • dog training is also important in dog therapy, where the dog provides great support for disabled people;
  • A dog, just like us humans, has its needs, including intellectual ones. Most dogs like to learn new things, so proper training is a great pleasure for them.

Happy dog

How to train a dog at home?

Of course, you can take your dog to a trainer for professional training, but there are also home methods that you can use to do it yourself at home. Here I would like to recommend a book “Listening to the Dog” by Zofia Zaniewska-Wojtków and Piotr Wojtków, which I had the opportunity to read.

I can honestly recommend this book, especially to people who are planning to adopt or buy a dog and have never had one before. This book explains the mechanisms very well, how to interpret individual dog behaviors, how to respond appropriately to them, and how to teach your dog specific commands.

The book includes many examples from the authors’ professional lives, which help better illustrate a specific behavioral problem in a dog.

They also describe, among other things, accessories that are great for both dog training and everyday life.

Listening to the Dog book

The perfect book for a responsible dog owner

In this book you will find answers to questions such as:

  • How to pet a dog so that it gives him pleasure?
  • What does looking straight into your eyes mean for a dog?
  • Does a wagging tail always indicate that a dog is happy?
  • Why are the rules introduced by the caregiver important?

From this book you will learn how to raise a dog to be a wise and joyful member of the family.

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