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I changed the battery in my iPhone XR 7 months ago: will it still be at 100% health?

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On September 5, 2023, I performed a battery change on my personal phone. Since 2018, I am using the same iPhone XR. Currently, it is a device that has already been used intensively for almost six years. Although it remains functional in all aspects, sadly I could not say the same for the battery, which at the time of making the change was at 79% health. Seven months after leaving the workshop, and after using it intensively again, will the battery be at 100%? I'll tell you below!

The phone I use is a 128GB iPhone XR. I use it for both personal and work purposes: it runs all day. Currently it has the iOS version 17.4.1 and the charger used is the official 20W Apple charger, with the matching Lightning to USB Type C cable. Occasionally, I also make use of the ESR MagSafe charger, which I have connected to my MacBook Pro via cable.

The charging habit is usually the same. At night I leave it plugged in, but with the option of Optimized Charging on, so that the iPhone finishes filling the battery shortly before I wake up. This is a parameter that changes depending on usage habits, and is particular for each case.

To give you an idea of ​​the hours my phone spends on, below I'm going to give you some data on screen hours. To do this, I will Settings > Screen Time > See all activity. It tells me that my daily average is 5 hours and one minute of screen time on. Some days, I even exceed 6 hours, although this situation does not always occur.

As you can see, I use the iPhone very intensively, since it is also my work tool along with the MacBook Pro. Now: the battery was changed in September 2023. When I took it out and turned it on, I could see that the part that they had put in was original, and that it was at 100% capacity. How will it be seven months after such intense use?

This is my new battery after 7 months

When I went to the Settings > Battery > Health and battery charge section, I got a surprise. And it's not that it was very pleasant. The iPhone tells me that the battery is at 91% capacity. In seven months, my new battery has lost 9% of its capacity. If this happens after a little more than half a year, I don't know if I want to think about what will happen to him when a year is up.

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This is an official Apple battery, and its replacement was carried out at an authorized technical service. It is true that I use it quite intensely, and even though it is at 91%, the phone continues to work well, it does not overheat and the time I spend without charging it is quite long. However, it bothers me to think that in a year, it is possible that the health level will already be below 90%…

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