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If the EU continues to pressure Apple, it could leave Europe

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Apple and Europe get along like cat and dog. They have been public enemies for years, a friction that began to worsen with the requirement that all devices have a USB-C connection. Recently, with the DMA (the acronym in English for the Digital Markets Act) Apple has been forced to open the App Store to third-party stores and pay a “multitask” of 1.8 billion euros. As a result of this situation, and with a Tim Cook who is clear about what priorities Apple should have, it is not unreasonable to think that the Californian company may leave Europe

Is it possible for Apple to leave the EU?

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There are many reports and analyzes that talk about this possibility. However, one of the most authoritative and respected voices on the technology scene, David Heinemeier Hansson, founder of Basecamp and creator of HEY, states that Europe is not at all the company's main market, since it offers between 8%-10% of the Total revenuean extremely low amount.

Apple's main markets are the United States, China, Japan and Australia, and it is in the latter place where it is achieving overwhelming success with the latest generation of smartphones. In addition, the iPhone is the star product of the United States, with a market share of more than 76%.

Therefore, the european market It is an important market, but it is not clear that neither the viability nor the financial stability of the company depend on it.

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Heinemeier recalled that Google with withdrawal of the asian giant because it could not develop and implement its browser due to the restrictions of the Chinese government, so there was a previous condition that could mean a starting point to take this abandonment seriously.

Would this impact have consequences? As we have analyzed before, not really, although it is true that it could have collateral consequenceslike abandonment to millions of users that have a series of company products, as well as abandoning all the investors of the European Union who have placed their trust in the large North American consumer company.

Tim Cook's interests do not respond to the interests of Europe

The new European legislation forces Apple to establish two trading strategies, that is, one for the European Union and another for China, to which must be added the exclusive strategy that it has to execute in the Asian giant as a consequence of the control carried out by the Chinese government.

European Parliament European Union

To all this we have to add that Tim Cook seeks to develop in other markets, such as China, India or developing countrieswith a large population and increasing income, which are potential customers who can start by buying an iPhone and gradually generate the Apple ecosystem, a system that is bringing the company numerous income and a large loyalty base. For future purchases.

In these new countries there is a very mild legislationwhich allows Apple to develop its full potential and increase its income, as well as avoid lawsuits such as those it is having in the United States and Europe for monopoly.

We could criticize Cook for many things, but he is one of the Most brilliant CEO in history. Cold and calculating, he always has one goal in mind: to make Apple grow financially.

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