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If you are a student, Apple is about to give you joy

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That is why this time it will be the same, and we have already seen image leaks that make us think that this week we could see this type of discounts, which apply to all countries, therefore, even if you are from Spain you can benefit about it and get your Mac or iPad at the best price.

Apple Student Days 2024

Last year they came out on June 3, and this year, as we said, there are already leaks of images, therefore, perhaps even when reading this article they are already available.

Each time they put different offers. There are times that they offer us price discounts directly, other times they give us a gift card depending on the product purchased and in some they have given away extra products. I once benefited from this and with my 2018 MacBook Air they gave me some AirPods, in addition to the discount for being a student, so we could say that I saved about 250 or 300 euros in total.

That is, if you are a student and you are thinking about renewing your equipment, don't worry, don't do it before this promotion comes out, because whether it is better or worse, it will come out, and that will mean considerable savings for the same product.

Everything indicates that this year, like previous ones, the discount will be on a gift cardsomething that is appreciated, since, for the same value, we can buy some AirPods as a “gift” or simply use it to buy an iPhone or accessories for the Mac or iPad itself, something of our choice and that does not require a minimum purchase Therefore, we can use it whenever we want.

Mark Gurman assured that this year the sale will not start until the end of the month, so we don't know very well if he is right or if Apple wanted to bring it forward and start in a week similar to last year. Be that as it may, if you are not in a hurry, it is best to wait, since this month of June we will see it active.

MacBook students

As soon as the discounts are published, we will return to offer them all, since the value of the discount or gift card that they offer us will depend on the country, although it will be around 150 or 200 dollars for the purchase of a Mac and about 100 or 150 for the purchase of an iPadsomething that is very good considering that we can already get them cheaper if we access as a student.

And you, have you ever benefited from Apple's student days? If so, what did they offer you at the time? A discount, a product, a gift card? Leave us a comment with your experience and if you are waiting for them to release it again this year to get a new Mac or iPad. I would like to, but I'm past that time…

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