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iOS 17.5 is resurrecting controversial user photos deleted years ago

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Last Monday the brand new update of iOS with version 17.5 of the operating system. So far so good, but, surprisingly, there are users reporting a disturbing problem Regarding the Photos app: images deleted by them years ago are reappearing. Now, there are many who ask the following question: how can Apple have our photos deleted years ago?

According to posts on Reddit, this bug is causing concern among users, who claim that after installing iOS 17.5, they encounter images that had been deleted a long time ago. This marks a before and after to which Apple must provide a response and solution imminently. Read on and find out all about this unusual and important security issue.

Sensitive files and material from 15 years ago

Judging by reports posted by many users on social media, these photos supposedly reappear as the most recent in the Photos app, which has baffled many users. One of them recounts his experience saying: “When I was talking to my partner, I went to send a photo and I saw that the most recent images were material sensible that we had done years ago. “It was permanently deleted years ago, how is it possible that it is back?”

The user adds that the same thing happened to him with four photos from 2010 which now appear as the last photos uploaded to iCloud. Furthermore, he acknowledged that he quickly deleted all these files as soon as he saw them again in his gallery.


The problem worsens when we take into account that the images that have reappeared in the gallery of many users are from quite a few years ago, they are not photos from a few months ago, as could be normal with the Recently Deleted function, which preserves the images deleted for 30 days.

So far, Apple has not commented on the problem, although it will most likely do so sooner rather than later, since this problem threatens security and user privacy. This is a clear, unprecedented example of how Apple would be playing with our privacy and data retention.

Apple must speak out

Some users report that perhaps the Photos app is going through a reindexing process, but this is not a sufficient excuse to violate the private files of thousands of users in this way.

Although there are still no official comments from Apple about this situation, users expect a prompt solution and a clear explanation about what happened. In the meantime, users who have experienced this issue are advised to report it to Apple through the appropriate support channels.

Users have reported that these images take up unnecessary space and may include sensitive content that is already they did not want to keep. Apple is working on a fix for this bug, but in the meantime, the community remains vigilant and looks for alternatives to protect your personal information.

In addition to the impact on privacy, this problem also affects performance of the device, as restored images take up storage space and can slow down the system.

It is essential that technology device manufacturers quickly and transparently address these types of issues to maintain their users' confidence in the security and privacy of their data. We will stay tuned for any updates or statements from Apple regarding this incident.

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