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Do you have an exam coming up and are you looking to pass it with the best grades? In case you didn't know, there is an option that the internet giant offers you so that you can know the answers for that exam that you so want to pass, and it can also help you continue acquiring knowledge and become one of the best students. from your school.

Cheating on an exam is not ethical and, therefore, not correct, but with this option that we are going to present to you, you will not commit any dishonest act, on the contrary, you will obtain the necessary knowledge so that you can obtain an excellent grade in your exam. exam.

This option is recommended for school and university students, since through the tool you have the possibility of finding the questions and answers for the exam you want to take. Maybe in a different way, and the goal is not for you to copy, but for you to use the past exams that you can find as a study guide so you don't get so lost when taking your own exam.

The exams that you can find belong to different institutions, and as we mentioned, they can serve as a guide because the vast majority of exams are standardized, so it is very possible that you will encounter the same questions in exams from a long time ago. And without further ado, we will show you how you can access this useful tool so that you can obtain a good result in your exam.

This is how you can find resources on Google to pass an exam

Previously, we told you that an excellent option for you to pass your exams is through a Google function. You just have to do the search and use the command 'site:edu (subject or topic) exam' and if you want the results to be even more specific, you can also add the name of the institution.

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It is an excellent way to obtain information, since when you use the command that we have shown you previously, only the results that are hosted in the .edu extension are displayed, which are reserved for accredited institutions that are mainly located in the United States.

When you access information hosted on these domains, you will find a large amount of information, such as research, resources, academics and articles offered by various educational institutions of high academic quality, making it very useful for students and teachers seeking to obtain information from reliable sources.

And now, we will show you how you can search for an exam on Google.

1.- Go to the Google search engine.

2.- In the search bar, type the command 'site:edu' continuing with the keywords of what you want to search for, for example, algebra exam. Even if you want information about a specific institution, you can write it after placing the exam you are looking for.

3.- Click on the magnifying glass icon.

When carrying out this process, the results that it will give you will only be reliable sources and academic resources, so, if you are looking for information of this type, do not hesitate to use this trick that we have just shown you.

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