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Learn classical Greek with this online course offered by the Autonomous University of Madrid – Teach me about Science

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Learning a language opens the doors to another world, a world that takes you to know new customs, new cultures, new people. Furthermore, having knowledge of several languages ​​gives you the opportunity to enter a world of work that increasingly requires us to have vast knowledge in various professional areas. One of those languages ​​that gives you all that is Greek.

Ancient Greek has a great influence on Spanish, there is a way to check this and it is very curious, you can search on a video platform how several people speak Greek and if you pay attention, you will notice that it seems that they are speaking Spanish; Believe it, when you can, put this to the test and something that is more impressive is that it is ancient Greek that is most similar to Spanish. It's not that it's grammatically similar, but because of the way they speak it.

Now, Greek, according to what is documented, has almost 3 thousand years of history and with the passage of time it has acquired an impressive linguistic wealth and is used in various professional activities such as medicine, philosophy, science, economics or art.

Learning Greek is not that simple, but no language is, making them less complicated than each other, it is because we speak them in our daily lives, that is, every day we say Facebook, that helps in a way, however minimal Let this be, to learn the pronunciation of English. But if the word were in Greek then it would be simpler, since you are familiar with the language, this course knows it perfectly, since it familiarizes you with the Greek language with very exciting topics: mythology, philosophy and history.

Below, in a simplified way we show you what you will learn throughout this course. If you need to see more detail about what you will be taught, we leave you this link so you can verify it for yourself. Or if you wish, continue reading and find out a little about the topics.

UAMx: introduction to classical Greek: language, names and mythology

° Throughout the course, you will learn and know the entire cultural and historical context of classical Greek, remember that Greek culture still has a great impact on the world today. You will also learn to distinguish what type of language Greek is, that is, how and in what way it is composed.

° On the other hand, in this course you will learn something that is essential and very important even these days, how to read and write the Greek alphabet. Something that should be highlighted in this course is that it is not only based on handwriting, but which also teaches you how to write it in a digital way, since you will be taught how to write the Greek alphabet on a computer or mobile device.

° Likewise, you cannot miss the pronunciations and declensions of names, nouns and pronouns. How to conjugate a verb to be and how nominal clauses are translated.

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° And with regard to the exciting world of Greek mythology, you will know in depth who Prometheus and Pandora were and what humanity owes them.

As you can see, this course is very complete, since it covers a bit of the history of this great language, without forgetting how significant its grammar is and how exciting it is to know about mythology.

So if you want to improve yourself in the world of languages ​​and why not, even surprise everyone when you pronounce the Greek alphabet and if you apply yourself, you will surely be able to pronounce it backwards, something that is very impressive. You can click on UAMx: introduction to classical Greek: language, names and mythology We assure you that you will be fascinated by this course.

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