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The heat is here to stay or at least that's how it feels, because it seems that the hot days will never end, despite the fact that temperatures of up to 5°C have been recorded in the northern states of the country, but in others On both sides of the Mexican nation, the maximum recorded temperatures are up to 45°C. Given these high temperatures, the purchase of fans and especially air conditioners has skyrocketed and therefore, they are put into operation immediately and for a long time. As a result, both fans and air conditioners become filled with dust and dirt, elements that can be difficult to remove, especially in air conditioners. However, it is possible to remove all types of pollution particles. thanks to some tricks that are trending, which you will find out about in this note.

Given the high temperatures that are being recorded around the world, an item such as air conditioning has become a very important item in our home, according to a study by the consulting firm Grand View Research, mentions that worldwide, the market air conditioning units mobilize approximately 188,000 million dollars; Regarding Mexico, the industry estimates placements of 1 million of these devices per year, with two brands leading this market in Mexico: LG Electronics and Mabe.

With all this great demand in the market for air conditioning, we cannot afford to lose one and then not find another one on the market. Many times air conditioning devices break down due to the accumulation of dust and dirt particles, which get stuck in the filter and coils of the air conditioning, this interferes not only with the proper functioning of the device, but can also cause problems. health, especially in those people who suffer from asthma or allergies.

As a result of all this, it is important to know how to clean our air conditioning and so that you know how to do it, here we are going to explain below how you can do it.

How to clean your air conditioning so that it works better and cools enough?

It is important that before proceeding to clean the air conditioning, you check that it is turned off, so that you will not be at risk or that it will break down.

How to clean filters

In order to clean the filters, it is necessary to disassemble the air conditioning, starting with the split cover, then remove the filter holder and proceed to clean all the accumulated dirt, whether you do it using a vacuum cleaner or with a cloth moistened with water and then Proceed to dry very well and place the pieces back in their place.

How to clean the air conditioner inside

Once the above is done, what follows is to completely clean the rest of the mini-split. Which, without any problem, you can clean with a pinch of dish soap and water, it cleans the grate area in great detail, since, as you will notice, it is the one that has the most dust and dirt, and this is what causes that I didn't cool properly.

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As you can see, the way to clean your air conditioning is very simple, just remember to assemble correctly after cleaning it.

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