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Graphic design already has a huge presence in everything we see, since the first thing we notice when we use an application, enter a website, browse the Internet or play a video game, are the images. Those artistic sections that play very well with colors and that seek to attract the user's attention and therefore, by playing such an important role in the digital era that is happening, already have several doors open in the world of work, just as important. It is graphic design.

Studying graphic design is something very exciting, since it lets your imagination fly through logical thinking, since you have to learn to make correct use of the tools that each design program offers you. In this case the Running from Illustrator for graphic design is aimed at all those who want to learn everything that Adobe Illustrator offers, a vector graphics editor that is used for illustration, as a branch of what is already a fact, digital art, technique or graphic design for any medium.

Adobe Illustrator is a professional program that allows you to make beautiful creations, based on everything you can imagine, remember that imagination is the engine of all arts and in this case graphic design cannot be the exception. You can make logos and icons, posters, images, graphics, 3D objects and texts, and much more. All of this is explained to you in this great course, which is classified as one of the easiest courses to learn and one of the most complete.

We recommend that if what you are passionate about is digital art and expressing all your ideas and emotions through graphic design, then this course is for you, we assure you that you will be hooked from the first lesson.

We will explain all the topics, but the most relevant lessons of each one, however, they will not be all of them, so that you can confirm how many there are, we will put the total of the lessons next to the name of the topic.

The course of the illustrator

Unit 1.- Fundamentals of graphic design (in total 15 lessons)

° The universal arts of graphic design

° Working with images in graphic design

° Elements of art: the line

° Elements of art: shapes

° Elements of art: values

° Visual elements: textures

° Elements of art: third dimension

° Elements of art: space

Unit 2.- Program interface (in total 8 lessons)

° Vector graphics concept

° Open Adobe Illustrator

° Create new document

° Toolbar

° Practice number 1

° How to save and/or export

Unit 3.- Data management (in total 6 lessons)

° Selection tools

° Pathfinder tool

° Work layers

° Object alignment

° Object lock

Unit 4.- Drawing tools (in total 12 lessons)

° Pen tool

° Contour stroke

° Draw basic shapes

° Vectorize handmade drawing

° Coloring handmade drawing

° How to create brushes

° Smudge Brush Tool

° Shaper tool

Unit 5.- Use of colors (in total 9 lessons)

° Color themes

° Color samples

° Degraded

° Gradient mesh design

° Transparency

Unit 6.- Text tool (in total 11 lessons)

° Text tool

° Fit text to a shape

° Text with neon effect

° Create long shadow

° Create isometry with text

° 3D logo design

° Editable text effect

Unit 7.- Modify text (in total 9 lessons)

° Free transformation

° Scale objects

° Free position deformation

° Reflection tool

° Scissors and blade tool

° Fusion tool

Unit 8.- Guided practice (in total 7 lessons)

° Export for print and screens

° Create logo with gradient

° Design a brochure

° Design a poster from scratch

° Create professional logo

As we mentioned, before showing you the syllabus, we only included the lessons that could be the most relevant, but there are surely many others that you will find interesting. You can check them all and register by clicking here and start surprising everyone with your excellent imagination to design graphically

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