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more resistant than the previous ones

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There are many videos that we can already see on YouTube in which the flexibility and resistance of these new 2024 iPad Pros are tested and they all come to the same conclusion: thinner, yes, but also more resistant. Apple's new tablet withstands extreme forces well and appears to be very resistant to bending resulting from normal use.

Same tests with the Pro M2 and different results

First of all, we must remember that these new iPad Pros have a design similar to the previous version but reducing the thickness of the devices, reaching up to 5.1 mm in the 13″ version and 5.3mm in the 11″ version.

The tests, also carried out on the iPad Pro with M2 chip, allow us to make a clear comparison. While the new 2024 iPad Pro emerged unscathed, the iPad Pro M2 showed a clear bend in the top corner, next to the cameras. The content creators who are analyzing these tests They talk about “black magic” to refer to the resistance of the new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro dimensions

The new iPad Pro yielded more easily to pressure when tested in a vertical bending test, likely due to the force going against the axis of the new internal reinforcement structure and the weakness of the charging port openings at the bottom. .

Although iPads flex with almost any type of force or pressure, Apple's new tablet returns to its normal shape in almost all circumstances that do not exceed the common. The testers required much greater force than would be expected in normal use of the device to achieve a permanent bend.

No iPad Pro 2024 stopped working

Even more impressive, however, was that even after being subjected to extreme levels of force, all iPads they kept workingincluding the cameras and the touch responsiveness of the panels, although with a very curved and broken glass surface.

At least based on these initial impressions, it looks like we won't be getting a repeat of 2018's #BendGate. That controversy arose when some customers discovered that the 2018 iPad Pros were bending even with normal use. In fact, sometimes even the tables came bent straight from the box.

In short, the new iPad Pro has proven to be a significant evolution in structural strength, far passing extreme bending tests. Although not immune to exceptional forces, this device displays impressive robustness under normal use conditions. With this latest generation, Apple appears to have successfully addressed previous concerns about device flexibility. The users you can be calm knowing that the iPad Pro M4 is designed to withstand daily demands with strength and reliability.

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