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NASA and Boeing's Starliner mission has set a date for the first manned launch – Enséñame de Ciencia

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After two trips, several failures and many improvements, NASA's Starliner space mission and the aerospace company Boeing have announced the date of the next launch which will aim to take a crew into space.

The space race has for many years left a trail of projects and tests that have, or have not, been successful, but always leaving varied information and data with which experts work to evolve the engineering behind everything and get it right for the next one. chance.

It was not easy to take human beings to space, but science has advanced with firm steps until reaching this point in history where even private companies begin to look beyond our sky, to outer space.

On this occasion, the collaboration of the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationalso known as NASA, and one of the leading aerospace companies, Boeinghas announced incredible news.

The news in question is the announcement by both companies of the near future of the Starliner Mission, since a date has already been set for the next takeoff, which will be manned.

This next takeoff of the Starliner mission will be on May 1 of this year at NASA's Cape Canaveral space station in Florida. The launch will be carried out from the Atlas V rocket of the United Launch Alliance.

Let us remember that this mission has already been put into orbit on other occasions, the first being one of the ones that presented the most failures around 2019, assuming that the engineers behind the ship had a lot of work ahead of them.

After a significant delay due to the confinement caused by COVID-19, last year, in 2023, another test was carried out, in which the Starliner mission was returned to orbit, the results were much more promising than the previous time. .

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On this occasion, NASA and Boeing assure that the technical and engineering conditions of the mission have been met, assuming that the Starliner spacecraft is ready for an upcoming flight this coming May 1, but, this time with a human crew. .

It is worth recognizing the effort and bravery of the crew of this space mission, which will be called 'Crew Flight Test', in which astronaut Butch Wilmore and astronaut Sunita Williams will participate, the latter being famous for having been the woman who More time has passed in space until 2015.

The objective of this next launch will be to safely carry the 'Crew Flight Test' crew to the International Space Station.

This event is closer than it seems, even, according to information from NASA, the fuel is already beginning to be added to the ship that will carry out the mission, which has a plan to last approximately between 7 and 10 days, depending of external conditions and factors.

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