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NASA launched more than 800 FREE apps so you can become an expert in space programs – Teach me about Science

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NASA has announced a software catalog with more than 800 free programs that will allow you to become an expert in space programs and outer space.

Learn about space programs and astronomy from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, better known as NASA. This agency is one of the most recognized worldwide for studying, understanding and showing us a little of what the universe is, and with a little we do not mean that we do not value what they have taught us, rather the universe is immeasurable and we What we know is not even half of it.

On the NASA portal Technology Transfer Program A software catalog has been announced <> describes the portal.

The 800 free programs are available to companies that carry out investigations, agencies, and anyone who wants to access them.

We can find the programs that they make available to us by categories, and the ones that resonate the most are:


Environmental science

Electronics and Electrical Energy

Structures and Mechanisms

Vehicle Management

Design and integration tools

Materials and Processes


Data and image processing

Processing and Management of Data Servers


System Tests

Autonomous Systems

Business Systems and Project Management

Crew and life support

You can find this software catalog available without having to pay, that is, accessing the programs is completely free. However, < is available for license>>, mentions the same portal.

These programs (also known as codes) are highly professional, which is why everything you see here is endorsed by NASA. Their professionalism and seriousness is such that some of these programs have been created for specific purposes, such as for a <>, but to have access to these, the person must have a special license.

An example of this is the Traffic Situation Display program, this is <>.

Since its launch, until now, the website has been kept updated, which is why new programs (codes) are added from time to time, and its efficiency improves.

As mentioned previously, many of these programs, if not most, are open to the public, so to have access to them you just have to go to the platform to create an account, then click in the option that says 'request software' to start filling out a form that they request, if you do not complete all the required fields your request will not be processed.

Keep in mind that this request will be sent to the Software Release Authority, where they will process it, so it is vitally important that your answers are as specific and sincere as possible.

You can directly enter the Software Catalog by clicking HERE.

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