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new model at WWDC 24?

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Some users of the Reddit platform have realized that Apple has reduced the price of the Apple TV in some European countries such as Germany or Holland. Specifically, the 128GB version has gone from costing 189 euros to 169, so some speculate, as it could not be otherwise, that this may even mean that those from Cupertino would be about to launch a new model, and they are simply trying to dispose of the remaining stock they have of the old version. Still, Bloomberg analyst and leaker Mark Gurman says he's not convinced, and believes there won't be any hardware announcements — including an Apple TV — during the Worldwide Developers Conference on June 10, so we'll have to wait. a little more for that release.

Apple announced its latest Apple TV in October 2022. It is a small device with a design language similar to that of a Mac mini, which allows us to use exclusive Apple functions on our television. AirPlay, connecting a HomePod, calibrating the color with the help of our iPhone camera… it's quite complete. Furthermore, it is not an excessively expensive product for everything it allows us to do. However, it is true that almost two years have passed since the launch of the last model, and some people are beginning to doubt, logically, whether to purchase the current version, or whether to wait for a launch that, for the time being, should not take long. much more to come. Or maybe yes, that's the problem.

Mark Gurman vs Reddit: the battle for Apple TV

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Several Reddit users have verified that Apple is reducing certain configurations of this device in Europe through official sales channels. The discounts are 20 euros, which is nothing extraordinary, but those from Cupertino practically never make sales beyond giving gift cards in periods like Black Friday, or on specific products with their student discounts. But this is not the case. Many have concluded that this movement one week before WWDC 24 cannot mean anything other than the presentation of the new model during the event. For this reason, they have begun to theorize about this on networks, but Mark Gurman He has come to throw a bucket of cold water on all of them, and he has said no. That launch will not be soon.

As the analyst has stated, WWDC 24 will be an event focused exclusively on software. It is true that some years physical products are presented. Without going any further, last year the Apple Vision Pro. But the analyst has made his expectations for the June 10 event very clear: “No device is expected to be announced at WWDC, unless Apple unexpectedly presents a new device later (to be clear: I don't think so). ).” He seems pretty sure of what he's saying, and he could always be wrong, but everything indicates that Reddit users who believed that an Apple TV would be released soon were not right.

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