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Nutrition in Aging Dogs | Prof Pet Food


Dogs must be fed correctly and carefully, especially after a certain age. In order for your friend to get through his old age in the best possible way, it is recommended to make certain changes in his diet.

Nutrition for aging dogs should be done with diets prepared under veterinary supervision, depending on your dog’s health condition and sensitivities. Apart from this, you can find certain tips that you should pay attention to when feeding your dog in this article.

Eat Fewer Calories

Aging dogs move less than younger dogs. Therefore, their daily calorie expenditure decreases. It is recommended that your dog be fed low-calorie food to avoid obesity and similar problems and to maintain joint health. Low-calorie diets can also contribute to extending your dog’s lifespan.

Choose Foods with High Quality Protein and Fat Content

Digestive functions also weaken in aging dogs. For this reason, high quality food should be preferred in order to protect your dog’s muscle and bone development and keep it healthy.

You can ensure the best nutrition for your dog at every stage of its life by using foods balanced in terms of protein and fat.

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Special Needs

In aging dogs, certain vitamins and minerals may sometimes need to be taken more intensively. You will be able to get all the vitamins and minerals your pet needs in the best possible way with special veterinary food that you will use under veterinary supervision.

Feed More Frequently and in Smaller Portions

In aging dogs, it is recommended to feed them more frequently and in smaller portions so that the digestive system can work more efficiently. It seems that dogs fed this way are always healthier.

You can help your dog stay healthy and happy at every stage of his life with high-quality and specially formulated dog foods that you can purchase with the assurance of Profpetmama.

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