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Nutrition in Dogs – How to Choose the Best Food?


It is important to remember that every dog ​​has different nutritional needs. It is recommended that you pay attention to food selection in order to meet nutritional needs correctly depending on activity, race, age and many other factors.

There are certain points you should pay attention to when choosing the right food for your dogs to live a healthy life. Especially if your dog is prone to certain diseases, it is recommended that you choose correctly formulated food.

How to Determine the Right Food for Your Dog?

Although choosing food for your dog may seem complicated, it can be a very easy process if you know certain tricks and tips.

The main tips you should pay attention to when choosing the right food for dogs are as follows:

  • Choose food suitable for your dog’s breed: Each dog breed and size has different needs. Nutritional differences can even occur between small and large dogs. Therefore, it is very important to determine the products suitable for your dog when choosing food.
  • Remember your dog’s age: The calorie needs, nutritional and mineral needs of puppies and adult dogs are different from each other. Therefore, when choosing food, it is recommended that you use products formulated according to the age of your friend.
  • Watch out for food sensitivities: Food sensitivity is known as one of the common problems in dogs. If your dog is sensitive to certain diseases, it is recommended that you choose foods made from hydrolyzed proteins, such as PRO-VET Ultimate. These foods prevent problems such as food intolerance thanks to their special formulas.
  • Choose quality foods: In order for your dog to live a healthy life, it must be fed with quality food. Poor quality food can negatively affect your pet’s health in terms of kidneys, digestive system and many other issues.

Nutrition in Dogs is Important for Long Life

Studies show that dogs with a correct and balanced diet live much longer. In particular, dogs fed a balanced diet from puppyhood are more resistant to chronic diseases in old age.

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