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Organic dog food. Brit Care Sustainable food and the environment


Organic food is becoming more and more popular – we more often consciously choose environmentally friendly solutions, supporting the brands and stores that produce and sell them. Problems related to environmental protection are becoming more and more common. Environmentalists and activists are sounding the alarm, and our awareness of the impact of the food industry on the climate is growing. For this reason, and out of concern for our dogs, it is becoming an increasingly popular solution organic dog food. A recently famous brand Brit introduced a new line of the popular series Brit Care – Brit Care Sustainablewhich is environmentally friendly in the production process and also uses ecological and ethical insect protein.

Learn about the impact insect protein has on the environment and what benefits it has in your dog’s diet.

Why are ecological solutions so important?

It is important to realize that ecological solutions are not only a fashionable topic or consumer trend – the impact of industries on the environment has long been visible and confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Global warming has consequences that have been particularly noticeable around the world this year. Therefore, many organizations strive to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment – this also includes the food and agricultural industry.

Food production, including animal feed, can affect the environment in various ways – these include gas and sewage emissions, water use and waste production. One of the indicators that are used to measure the impact of agri-food technologies is the carbon footprint (CF). It determines the amount of greenhouse gases emitted as a result of direct human work. Organic food brands strive, among other things, to reduce the carbon footprint of production processes and land use, as well as to use resources responsibly.

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The impact of insect food production on the environment

Dog food made from insects Brit Care Sustainable it is extremely ecological in production – as it turns out, compared to the production of beef food, it uses only 2% of land and uses only 4% of water per 1 kg of protein produced.

Moreover, breeding insects for protein is very ethical compared to other methods of obtaining animal protein. It does not produce harmful greenhouse gases such as methane. dog food made from insects and raw materials obtained from local, ecological sources, allow you to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 35% compared to food based on red meats, such as beef. Moreover, 1 ton of larvae consumes as much as 4.5 tons of low-quality organic plant-based food, which makes it economical and easy to produce.

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Insect protein and its benefits in a dog’s diet

Many ask: what about taste and nutritional values? There is a false belief that food and feed made from insects is a whim of ecologists and activists, which leads to depriving us of tasty and nutritious meals. This belief does not correspond to the facts – glutamic acid, one of the amino acids responsible for the delicious taste of protein, is found in large amounts in insect protein. The taste of insect protein is often described as slightly nutty – it is popular with pets.

Moreover, insect protein is natural and does not contain growth hormones, antibiotics and GMOs. It is also easily digestible and highly absorbable, suitable for sensitive dogs and dogs struggling with digestive system problems. Moreover, it has a high nutritional value – insects contain more protein, iron and calcium than chicken. Thanks to the high content of omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids, it is also beneficial for the dog’s condition.

Dog food with insect protein has another huge advantage – it is hypoallergenic, which we will talk about below, because its huge benefits for sensitive dogs and allergy sufferers deserve special attention.

Food for dogs with insect allergies – an innovative solution

Insect protein food is an excellent solution for the diet of sensitive and allergy-prone dogs because it is highly digestible and does not burden the digestive system. In addition, insect protein is still rarely used in dog food – therefore, there is much less chance that the dog will be allergic to it or will not tolerate it.

The most common cause of food allergies in dogs are proteins derived from meats often used in pet food, such as chicken or beef. Unfortunately, frequently used dietary ingredients may lead to allergies. As a rare protein, hypoallergenic insect food is an excellent solution in an exclusion diet.

The line offers Brit Care Sustainable you will find food that uses a combination of insect protein with easily digestible chicken or hypoallergenic fish.

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Brit Care Sustainable ecological dog food

Organic dog food Brit Care Sustainable is available in variants for dogs of all ages and breed sizes, as well as those with special needs such as sensitive digestive systems and skin and increased physical activity.

Food with insect protein Brit Care Sustainable contains probiotics that influence the functioning of the digestive system and the balance of intestinal microflora, as well as healthy herbs such as motherwort, which has a soothing and calming effect. Dog food with insects Brit it also contains a wide range of healthy and tasty vegetables and fruits that care for digestion, the circulatory system and immunity, as well as additives such as chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for healthy joints and taurine for good eyesight and heart function.

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To summarize, insect-based dog food has numerous environmental benefits:

  • smaller carbon footprint,
  • economical in using land,
  • uses less water,
  • ethical,
  • zero waste.

Insect dog food is also beneficial for your pet’s health:

  • high nutritional value,
  • healthy for fur and skin,
  • highly digestible,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • tasty.

See for yourself – organic dog food Brit Care Sustainable is available in the KrakVet store offer!

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