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Out of space in your Gmail email? The trick that will allow you to continue using it without having to pay – Teach me about Science

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Email is a traditional communication channel that is considered reliable and formal to exchange sensitive information and files, so that they reach specific recipients without the interference of intruders. Likewise, with our email we can generate users and passwords in other applications or apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, X, Uber, Didi, Canva and many more.

Depending on the accounts linked to our email and the subscriptions you have, added to the number of files we exchange, the space in our email can be drastically reduced.

As you know, Gmail is one of the most popular email services on the web, although it gives us a space of 15 GB (which is shared with the other apps in the Google ecosystem) it is considered generous storage compared to other companies. like Microsoft Outlook. However, this space is small for most people due to the emails received and the files stored in other apps.

If you are running out of space in your Gmail and want to continue receiving new emails, but you don't have the money to pay for a plan, check out this trick that can be very helpful.

What to do if you no longer have space in Gmail and want to continue using your email?

First of all, don't worry, we will share two tricks that can be very useful for you. The first is a simple trick to keep using your email without needing to delete old messages or pay for additional storage.

The trick is to create a new Gmail account and redirect all emails from your account current to the new. This way, you can continue receiving emails to your usual address, even if the original account is full.

To do so, follow these steps:

First: Create a new Gmail account. You can use any name you want for this account, but make sure it's easy to remember. Access your original Gmail account.

Second: Go to Gmail settings. Click the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen and select “See all Gmail settings.”

Third: Look for the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP mail” section. Click the “Forwarding” tab.

Forwarding of emails, credits to Enséñame de Ciencia

Room: Click “Add a forwarding address”.

Quinto: Enter the email address of your new account.

Sixth: Click “Next” and then click “Confirm”.

And this is it, from now on, all emails to be sent to your original Gmail account will also be sent to your new account.

Advantages of using this trick:

-Continue using your usual email address.

-Avoid running out of storage space.

-You don't need to pay for additional storage.

-You can have a separate account for your personal and professional emails.

Free up space in your Gmail

Another interesting way to save space in your email is by deleting junk emails from your email account.

According to the Softzone portal, you can free up your email space with these simple instructions:

First– Open your email on your computer and open the Gmail search box.

Second: once you are in the search bar you must type the word: unsubscribe

Third: When you enter or search, all emails stored with that word will be shown. In most cases this term relates to promotional emails, newsletters, newsletters and so on.

Room: once they appear, you must click on the top box to select all of them. As you know, Gmail only shows you the first 50 emails on your screen, but don't worry, to be able to delete them all, you just have to check the box “Select all conversations that match this search.” And then delete all.

Quinto: Finally, just go to your email trash and select the “empty trash” option, so you can recover many GB of space.

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