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Polish dog food – get to know the best local brands


The pet market offers a wide range of dog food from all over the world, but many of us prefer to support local brands and consciously choose Polish dog food. Thanks to this, we can be sure that our money goes to companies and small businesses with Polish capital, and the raw materials used to produce food come from Polish breeders and farmers. There is no shortage of both experienced and new brands on the Polish pet market with a quality equal to that of popular foreign producers.

If you’re wondering what good Polish dog food would work well in your pet’s diet, we have prepared a list of Polish producers for you!


So TropiDog has a wide range of dry dog ​​food regardless of the size of the breed – the offer includes both food for small breeds of dogs and recipes dedicated to medium and large breeds of dogs. The offer also includes foods designed with specific needs in mind, such as food for sterilized or overweight dogs, or mono-protein foods for sensitive dogs or dogs suffering from food allergies.


Karma TropiDog they are made from meat and fish species loved by our dog friends, such as chicken, turkey, duck, lamb, beef and salmon. The food contains health-promoting ingredients such as Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids, kelp seaweed, spirulina, and beta-glucan. They are rich in vitamin E and B vitamins, as well as fatty acids that care for the coat, skin and immunity. They also take care of the condition of the dog’s teeth.


The brand belongs to a manufacturer with many years of experience in the pet industry. Food recipes are created in cooperation with scientific institutes, research centers and specialists in the field of pet nutrition. TropiDog uses NIR technology in its production plants, thanks to which the most important parameters of the food are repeatedly monitored during the production process. The brand uses only proven suppliers and high-quality raw materials.

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KrakVet.pl Pet Store

A wide range of high-quality TropiDog dog food

John Dog


Wide range of brands John Dog you will find both dry and wet dog food, as well as healthy and delicious treats. The brand is relatively new on the pet market – it was established in 2016, but since then it has been becoming more and more popular. The brand’s recipes are created under the supervision of specialists such as animal nutritionists and veterinarians. The foods are produced from high-quality ingredients.


The offer includes food for small breeds, medium and large breeds, as well as recipes for puppies. Gluten-free food for sensitive and allergy-prone dogs, food with limited grain content, and wet food with the addition of delicious fruit with a high protein content are also available. The food is made from meats such as beef, veal, turkey, duck, rabbit and game, as well as from white fish, salmon and krill.

Family First


If you are looking for healthy wet dog food, brand Family First it’s the perfect choice. The brand’s goal is to provide dogs and cats with the best possible living conditions through healthy, meat-rich diets, as well as emphasizing the role of our furry pets as full members of our families.

The brand offers a wide selection of protein-rich foods for puppies and adult dogs in two product lines. The foods are made from combinations of healthy and tasty meats such as venison, goose, turkey, chicken, lamb, rabbit, duck and beef with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, such as apple, carrot, beetroot, parsley, potatoes and sweet potatoes. The offer includes both mono-protein diets and food with two protein sources. The foods are highly digestible and rich in essential nutrients, such as omega fatty acids.



Koema is a manufacturer of healthy and tasty food for dogs and cats, whose goal is to create nutritious meals based on the knowledge and experience of experts. The brand is guided by the assumption that animals like to rely on proven feeding patterns. For this reason, we strive to develop a healthy eating routine for our pets.

In the KrakVet store you will find meat-rich wet foods made from meats loved by dogs. Among them you will find turkey, duck, rabbit, lamb, beef and game foods. Delicious wet meals are immersed in aromatic, tasty broth. They contain at least 90% meat and offal. The recipes support the health of the circulatory system and nervous system. The brand also offers delicious dried treats that are perfect as a diet supplement or as a reward for your pet.

Polish brands of dog treats


When talking about the wide range of dog food from Polish brands, it is impossible not to mention dog treats. Treats should be used in moderation and should not be the basis of a dog’s diet. However, they are an excellent snack to enrich the diet or a reward for your pet. Polish brands such as Petmex and Maced have a wide range of natural dog treats. Among them you will find appetizing dried snacks made from the types of meat and fish that our pets love.

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Why is it worth choosing Polish dog food?


They say that we praise other people’s products and don’t know our own – yet Polish producers of pet products have offers that are as good as foreign brands! By supporting Polish dog food producers, you are investing in the local economy. This means earnings for suppliers of raw materials used to produce food, i.e. Polish breeders and farmers, as well as more jobs. Moreover, brands producing food and accessories for animals often engage in charity and educational campaigns – by choosing Polish brands, you contribute to improving the living conditions of animals in Poland.

Don’t miss the wide range of good Polish brands – you will certainly find the perfect food for your dog. Check out the Polish brands zone in KrakVet!

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