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Do you already master Excel at a basic level, but need to know more? If you are looking to improve your Excel proficiency to take it to the next level and increase your work performance, then this course is for you. Today we share with you a free course that you can take from the comfort of your home without having to spend money to learn.

We all know that Excel is necessary for practically all jobs that require the capture, organization and analysis of data, so it is very good that you always improve your skills and keep constantly learning.

About the Intermediate Excel Course

This course is taught by Macquarie University in Australia, it is hosted on the prestigious education platform “Coursera named Excel Professional Skills: Intermediate II”, is one of the best of its type and level. This course is characterized by being of an intermediate level (it requires basic Excel skills, prior knowledge to be able to take them to the intermediate level), it has a flexible schedule (you can adapt it to your schedules and work routines), it is 100% online and Best of all, the content is free (you have the possibility of acquiring the certificate for a truly symbolic cost, in case you want to buy it). It only requires 28 hours to complete, so in a short time you will be able to improve your skills.

Course registration: To access this training you just have to enter the DIRECT LINK, Fill out the form with your information and start learning at no cost.

Course syllabus

This training is divided into 7 modules or units, which must be covered in their entirety by the students to achieve the acquisition of all the knowledge and skills that have been set out as part of the training objectives. Below, we share the detailed course:

Module 1 Data validation:

We begin this training with data validation and conditional formatting. This module guides you in creating and applying data validation, as well as using formulas in data validation. This is followed by basic and advanced conditional formatting.

Course interface, credits to Coursera

Module 2 Conditional logic:

Excel has several logical functions and this module explores some of them. We will start by learning the concept of conditional logic in formulas and then how to perform logical tests and use conditional operations to your advantage.

Module 3 Automatic searches:

How do I find information in other parts of the workbook? This module features functions like SELECT, VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH, and other dynamic searches to find and display data from multiple sources.

Module 4 Verification and protection of formulas:

If you're concerned that errors have crept into your worksheet, this module will show you how to find errors, track antecedents and dependents, resolve circular references, and finally protect your worksheets and workbooks from further damage.

Module 5 Data Modeling:

This module focuses on data modeling. Learn how to model different scenarios based on inputs, assumptions and/or results. Also learn how to use features like Goal Search, Data Tables, and Scenario Manager to make your models more robust.

Module 6 Record macros:

We all love to automate our work and that is exactly what this module teaches you. When you complete this module, you will be able to identify uses for macros, as well as create, modify, and manage macros to improve their efficiency.

Module 7 Final evaluation:

Finish the final questionnaire

What did you think of the theme? As you can see, this training is very complete and you will be able to master Excel at an intermediate level, higher than the basic level you already have, so you can use it to improve your work performance and productivity.

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