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replicates the controversial ad with an important change

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In the Keynote on May 7 in which Apple presented the new iPad Air and iPad Pro, the Californian company made use of an advertisement in which They destroyed a multitude of objects with a hydraulic press, which after being lifted, revealed the new and ultra-thin iPad Pro. This commercial raised a wave of criticism on social networks, and even Samsung responded with a similar ad, but defending that they “did not destroy creativity.”

Although Apple has already responded to criticism by arguing that its announcement was not recorded through real object destruction, but was computer created, the negative voices continue to rise. And in case there were already few of us, Xiaomi has decided to join the party, replicating the controversial Apple Crush ad, with an important change.

Apple has already apologized

Apple's controversial announcement was so popular that the Cupertino company was forced to cancel television spots that he hired for the commercial, and had to publicly apologize. In this way, the problem largely disappeared, but Xiaomi has taken it upon itself to rub even more salt in the wound for its own benefit.

Chinese smartphone maker Xioami, which in the past has cloned everything from the iPad to Steve Jobs' iconic jeans and turtlenecks, has now Crush ad replicatedwith one crucial difference.

apple crush ad

Apple's ad for the new iPad Pro showed a large number of objects, such as musical instruments, paintings, camera lenses, books, movie characters, sculptures and more, being mercilessly crushed by an industrial press. The intention was to convey the idea that all these tools they had compressed on the new super-thin iPad Pro, but many creative professionals didn't see it that way.

Apple recognized that they had not met the objective they were looking for, so they apologized and they guaranteed that said advertisement would not be seen again.

Xiaomi, not like that

The particular Xiaomi advertisement, with which they have tried to replicate the dynamics carried out by Apple, as a mockery, copies the advertisement so closely that it could easily be confused with that of Tim Cook's boys, but with an important difference : the press stops just before crushing any object.

#CinematicVision – Coming Soon!

May 22, 2024 • 11:30 p.m.

This advertisement from the Chinese company has been created on the occasion of the upcoming launch of the Xiaomi 14 Civi smartphone in India, which is believed to be a rebranding of the Civi 4 Pro model sold in China.

Xiaomi's strategy of capitalizing on Apple's failed announcement not only seems opportunistic, but also underlines its questionable history of blatantly imitating Apple products and marketing tactics. Instead of innovating and differentiating itself in the market, Xiaomi seems to be content with follow in the footsteps of others, which raises serious questions about his integrity and ability to lead in the technology industry. Ultimately, this attempt to take advantage of Apple's stumble only serves to highlight the lack of authenticity and originality from Xiaomi, leaving the company in an unfavorable position in the eyes of consumers and the industry in general.

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