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Royal Canin – which food to choose? Dog food guide


The Royal Canin brand is an extremely well-known manufacturer of dry and wet food for dogs and cats, whose offer includes both household and veterinary diets. They are highly digestible among animals due to their high digestibility and palatability. Royal Canin dog food takes into account a number of different nutritional needs resulting from the characteristics of the dog, its lifestyle and health condition, so you will certainly find the perfect option for your pooch in the wide range.

Don’t know which product to choose? Check out the Royal Canin dog food shopping guide!

Puppy food


The Size Health Nutrition food series offers a wide selection of healthy foods for puppies and junior dogs of all breed sizes. Among them, you will find both starter foods that facilitate the transition to food from mother’s milk, as well as maintenance foods that puppies can eat until they reach adulthood – then they can switch to variants for adult dogs within the same series.

Check the transition scheme from starter food to food for puppies and then adult dogs:

The BHN series also includes food for purebred puppies, after which the dog can switch to the adult version, which we discuss later in the article.

Food for adult dogs


The brand has a wide selection of maintenance diets for adult dogs in the Size Health Nutrition series, which perfectly meet the nutritional needs of the dog resulting from the size of its breed. You will find foods among them:

  • Mini – for small breeds,
  • Medium – for medium breeds,
  • Maxi – for large breeds,
  • Giant – for giant breeds.

The food also comes in wet variants that can be used together with dry food in mixed feeding mode.

Adult dogs also have more specific nutritional needs, which may result from their lifestyle, procedures, preferences, health status, and specific breed. For this reason, the brand offers a wide selection of functional diets in the Care Nutrition series, as well as food for purebred dogs in the BHN series, which we discuss later in the guide.

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For senior dogs


Older dogs require particularly carefully selected recipes, because in old age the pet becomes less active, has problems with appetite, and requires additional support for organ function and mobility. The brand’s offer includes formulas developed for older dogs depending on the size of the breed, both in the SHN and Veterinary series. These include:

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For purebred dogs


The brand’s offer also includes the Royal Canin Breed Health Nutrition series, i.e. food developed especially for purebred dogs. The offer includes both dry and wet food – there are options for dogs at every stage of life. The brand precisely adapts the recipes, as well as the shape of the kibbles and the consistency of the food, to the needs and preferences of a given breed.

Among them you will find the following formulas for purebred dogs:

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For every need


The brand has a wide selection of functional foods in the Royal Canin Care Nutrition line, which is the brand’s response to the various nutritional needs of dogs, including:

When the dog is sick


The Royal Canin Veterinary food series has precisely developed and safe formulas that help treat a number of the most common diseases occurring in dogs. The diets provide the dog with a complete meal for the duration of their use, at the same time supporting the functioning of appropriate organs and ensuring the proper balance of nutrients in the body. They effectively prevent disease recurrence or minimize their risk. It is worth keeping in mind that these are veterinary dietstherefore they should be used only on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

You will find the following food lines among them:

  • Neutered – a series of food for dogs after sterilization or castration,
  • Hypoallergenic – hypoallergenic diets for allergy sufferers and sensitive dogs,
  • Gastrointestinal – diets for the intestines and digestive system,
  • Urinary S/O – veterinary food for dogs with urinary tract diseases,
  • Renal – food for kidney diseases,
  • Hepatic – diets for liver diseases,
  • Cardiac – formulas for dogs with heart and circulatory system diseases,
  • Diabetic – food for dogs with diabetes,
  • Anallergenic – hypoallergenic foods,
  • Mobility Support – diets to support the musculoskeletal system – muscles, bones and joints,
  • Satiety – diets supporting weight loss and maintaining appropriate body weight,
  • Dental – dental formulas,
  • Recovery – specialized diets for dogs in convalescence.

Why choose Royal Canin?



By choosing the Royal Canin brand, you can be sure that you are choosing a food manufacturer with many years of experience in preparing healthy and tasty diets for animals. The brand’s foods are based on the latest scientific research and are based on highly digestible proteins (LIP), which makes them highly digestible.

The brand offers an extremely wide selection for every need resulting from age, breed, size, lifestyle or health condition, paying special attention to the nutritional value and palatability. The offer includes a wide range of both dry and wet diets that you can combine. Royal Canin food is also very popular even among the pickiest dogs.

If you have any doubts about choosing food, we recommend contacting a veterinarian or a dog dietitian who will help you find the perfect nutritional option for your pet.

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