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tips for healthy dogs and cats

How to manage shedding at homeBefore seeing how you can help your friend have a strong and even more beautiful coat, here are some tips for dealing with the moulting periods with less inconvenience for you and your animals.

All About Puppy Care

What your dog experiences during his puppyhood is extremely important so that he can live a healthy life in a happy and peaceful environment. It is very important to maintain the puppyhood period correctly, during which your friend…

Dental treats supporting oral hygiene

The prevention of oral diseases in dogs has been enriched with an excellent solution - dental treats for dogs - these products provide the dog with the pleasure of biting and tasting, protecting the dog's teeth against plaque…

Which dog breeds live the longest?

Every pet owner dreams of their pet living as long as possible. For this reason, owners provide their dogs with an appropriately balanced diet and make regular visits to the veterinarian or other specialists who take care of the