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Study reveals that your cell phone can hear conversations, even when it is turned off – Teach me about Science

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The cell phone is one of the technologies that we use at all times, becoming essential in our lives, however, many times we have wondered if we can be heard through this device.

The answer is a resounding “Yes”, as stated by a technology expert.

Cell phones allow us to communicate with our friends and family through calls, messages, social networks, and we can also install endless applications for personal entertainment.

When we download an application, generally when entering for the first time, it asks us for authorization to access information found on our device. Sometimes we overlook all the permissions that we grant to these programs, allowing them to access the information stored on the device.

Many of these applications have the ability to know our preferences, concerns or personal interests, which is used to show us advertising or recommend purchase items.

They also have the power to know our location, know the search topics in Googleknow our social networks, among other types of information that advertising distributors can access.

But, there is a topic that still causes us a lot of controversy and unknowns, Can our cell phones listen to our conversations?

Many believe that cell phone applications cannot listen to us, others that they can, or that, by simply turning off the device, it was impossible for them to hear the sounds and conversations around us.

Dr. Juan Carlos Yáñez Luna, recognized researcher of the Autonomous University of San Luis de Potosífrom Mexico, has given us a response to this controversial issue and provided information that we were all unaware of.

The expert revealed to us that even though our cell phones are turned off, they can hear conversations and surrounding sounds.

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At the international conference ETHICOMPcarried out in Spain in recent days, the researcher mentioned that “The key is in the phone battery, since it allows you to hear or view all the information contained on the cell phone, even if it is turned off.””.

He also commented that it is difficult to know which applications have the ability to view information or listen to conversations while the mobile is turned off, but that, it is possible, since everything is stored in the same point.

At the conference, Dr. Juan Carlos stressed that mobile device users must pay more attention when giving access to an application on our cell phone and see what functions we should not allow or disable.

The researcher attended this international event in order to publicize the ethical and social impact of information and communication technologies in our lives, and how, based on innocence or ignorance, we allow ourselves to give them personal information.

To prevent people from listening to you through applications, you need to go to your phone's settings, select the “Applications” option, look for the “Permissions” and “Microphone” options.

Here you will see all the applications that have the authorization to access the microphone, however, as Dr. Yáñez mentions, it is very difficult to know which applications are spying on you through this function.

So from now on, keep in mind what permissions you grant to an application when installing it, since they can spy on you, even when your cell phone is turned off.

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