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Telcel launches important notice for users who recharge 100 pesos of balance – Enséñame de Ciencia

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Everything evolves and with it, Mexican telecommunications. For example, in the prepaid system, it has gained ground as an attractive and flexible option for a large number of Internet users. phones mobiles. More than 140 million mobile lines in service until last yearit is evident that prepaid is a preference for most users.

Telcel, one of the main players in the telecommunications market in Mexico, has been attentive to this trend and has launched a new targeted promotion specifically to users who have been faithful to the prepaid system. The offer is simple but tempting: for each recharge 100 weights, users can get 4 gigabytes of unlimited browsing and social networking for 30 days. Since approximately There are 114 million people in Mexico who prefer to recharge, this offer cannot go unnoticed.

But why is the prepaid system the favorite in Mexico?

Let's analyze, the answer lies in the lack of penetration of financial services in the country or the acquisition of this type of services by people. Many They still don't have access to a credit card, which makes it difficult to contract traditional rate plans. Or simply by own decisionFor example, there are people who may have financial solvency but their decision is DO NOT CONTRACT any financial service or product, allowing users to control their expenses and avoid surprises in their monthly invoicess.

The Telcel promotion does offer but also establishes some important conditions that users should take into account. For example, the offer has a deadline: will only be available until April 1il. Additionally, any unused data at the end of the 30 day period will be lostwhich means that users must use their balance effectively to make the most of the promotion.

Furthermore, it is crucial to understand the limitations of the offer in terms of coverage. The data included in the promotion does not apply when the user is in maritime or aerial coverage, nor when traveling outside of Mexico. In such cases, special rates will apply. international roaming, which may result in additional costs to the user. Therefore, whenever you have the opportunity to purchase these types of offers, it is important to keep these restrictions in mind.

The Promotion also comes with some important exclusions. Does not accumulate with other offers and does not apply to certain types of refills or specific packages. This means that the users They must ensure that they comply with the terms and conditions of the offer to avoid confusion or disappointment.

The promotion of Telcel is a smart response to the changing demands of the telecommunications in Mexicoit is expected in advance that other telephone companies can replicate he model for fair competition and equitable.

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