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Telmex launches important ALERT about this email to all its customers – Enséñame de Ciencia

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Technology advances by leaps and bounds every day in order to please our comforts and needs, however, many people take advantage of these advances and use them for malicious purposes.

In order to protect your clients Telmex has published important information to all its clients. Find out about the message that the Mexican Telephones company has released.

Telmex is one of the largest communication companies in the country and Latin America, offering different types of telecommunications, internet and other digital services.

Concerned about taking care of its clients, it has released an important announcement to all its clients, warning of possible fraud by scammers through emails pretending to be from their company.

The Telmex company considers that only 3% of internet users are able to identify fraudulent emails, which is the technique that scammers are using today.

This type of scam is not new, it has been practiced by bad people for years, but now a large majority of Telmex customers are being affected by this technique.

According to the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (CONDUSEF), which is a government entity in charge of defending users of any type of financial services, this type of cyber fraud to carry out illicit transactions is known as “phishing.”

This entity describes phishing as a fraud, where the objective is to impersonate a financial institution or company, in this case Telmex, with a message indicating an error in your data, and upon entering, they obtain your confidential information such as: numbers of your credit cards, passwords, bank account details, passwords, etc.

These types of malicious messages, which are usually sent by email or cell phone, usually indicate a link to redirect you to a site where they request your personal information.


Telmex mentioned that these emails usually redirect you to malicious pages, where the objective is to terminate the cell phone connection that the internet user is using and establish another one using a telephone number with a special price or a number in another country.

Likewise, this often happens when visiting pages that offer access to free entertainment content, unlicensed programs, and inappropriate content.

Another way that cybercriminals use is the “deepfake”, where scammers impersonate Telmex and other famous people using artificial intelligence.

This type of scam is generally videos advertised on fraudulent sites, where they offer credits, easy money making, or entertainment programs.

To avoid falling into this type of scam, we advise you to verify that the site where you are browsing has the security protocol « and a closed padlock in the address bar.

If you have received fraudulent emails or messages from Telmex, or charges appear on your receipt that correspond to telephone numbers abroad, go to your nearest Customer Service Center or call 800 123 0000 with your Telmex Receipt and report this irregularity.

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