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The 10 best makeup brands in Mexico have PROFECO popcorn and are safe – Enséñame de Ciencia

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One of the products that cannot be missing from many people's list of beauty products is compact powder makeup, as it is very popular and useful for giving a quick touch-up and improving our appearance in a surprising way. In the national market there are a large number of brands with different prices, tones, textures and qualities, so it is difficult for consumers to know which brands meet the quality standards established by the Official Mexican Standards and the opinion of PROPHECY.

Today we share with you an analysis where we can find products for less than $30 and others that cost thousands, we find brands like Natura, Ángel Face de Ponds, Maybelline and other brands. Find out which is the best option for you with the National Consumer Protection Laboratory.

¿What does the PROFECO study tell us?

In “The consumer magazine” published in November 2022, the PROFESSION shared with us a study called “COMPACT POWDER”, in which 50 different products were analyzed, on which 416 tests were carried out in a period between May 30 and September 15, 2022. All products were purchased between May 30 and August 26, 2022.

For greater consumer safety, PROFECO evaluated: What they contain, What the symbols on the labels indicate, How they are made, What regulates them, What is expected of these products, Attributes evaluated by a panel of consumers, How they are consumers perceive.

Likewise, a panel of consumers was used to evaluate its operation. They were asked the following:

Ease of application, Eliminates shine from the skin, Good adhesion during application, Lightness during application, Covers skin imperfections, Makes the skin look soft, Gives luminosity*.

What are the best 10 compact powders for makeup?

It is important to mention that of the 32 products there were no irregularities, that is, only 18 of them resulted in complications such as containing less than what was declared, not checking their legends, misleading the consumer, or labeling errors. For this reason, it will be necessary that you read the label of the products when you consume them and inform yourself about the PROFECO updates.

1 ANGEL FACE BY POND'S. Angel Face by Pond's compact powder, originally from Mexico and weighing 12 g, offers a soft and natural finish, being a popular choice in the Mexican market.

2 BYS High coverage compact powder. Sourced from China, the 8g BYS High Coverage Pressed Powder provides intense coverage for a flawless, long-lasting look.

3 BYS Compact powder. Another BYS product from China, this 7g pressed powder offers a lighter option for subtle, easy-to-wear makeup.

BYS, one of the brands evaluated, credits to PROFECO

4 CaTRICE COSMETICS Facial compact powder. From Italy, CaTRICE COSMETICS presents a 10 g facial compact powder, known for its quality and ability to achieve a refined finish.

5 CLARINS Compact powder. Also from Italy, CLARINS offers a 10 g compact powder that provides a soft and natural finish, reflecting the brand's characteristic quality.

6 CLINIQUE Oil-free matte compact face powder. This compact face powder CLINIQUE Oil-Free Matte, originating in the United States and weighing 7.6 g, is ideal for those looking for a shine-free finish.

7 COLORSTAY REVLON Compact face powder. From the United States, the COLORSTAY REVLON compact face powder, with 8.4 g, stands out for its durability and ability to maintain impeccable makeup.

8 COLORTON Mineral compact powder. Direct from China, COLORTON presents a 10g mineral compact powder, a light and natural option for those who prefer mineral products.

9 Essence Facial compact powder. From Poland, essence offers a 12g facial compact powder, known for its affordability and quality, providing a fresh and natural look.

10 FIT me! MAYBELLINE NEW YORK Mattifying compact powder. From Colombia, FIT me! MAYBELLINE NEW YORK presents a 12 g mattifying compact powder, ideal for controlling shine and achieving a matte finish.

3 very good and cheap brands with a price of less than 50 pesos

Likewise, if you are looking for economical optionsyou can take a look at these 3 products:

-Angel Face By Pond’s: $30 pesos.

-Colorton: $40 pesos.

-Olé: $29 pesos.

We hope this information is useful to you, if you want more information, we recommend taking a look at a complete study.

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