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the 6 new functions that you can enjoy in April – Teach me about Science

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Get ready for the new WhatsApp features in April, we are sure you were not expecting them, but WhatsApp is going to change drastically but it is for the better, because with the new features it has added, it is expected to significantly improve the user experience . The best thing about these updates is that they will not only be limited to beta tester users, but they are official functions that millions of people will be able to use starting next month.

If you are a person interested in the latest news about science, technology and development, then stay, because today we will share with you without further ado what are the 6 new updates that WhatsApp will allow you to enjoy in its application and leaving the Telegram application far behind instant messaging.

What are the 6 new features that are so talked about?

Without further ado, we share with you the 6 powerful functions that Meta has announced for WhatsApp and that millions of users around the world will already be able to start enjoying starting next month. According to the Depor portal, these are the 6 amazing functions and the brief description of their purpose.

WhatsApp is renewed with new features that you will surely love, You will be able to use these starting in April, enjoy a more complete and intuitive experience in the app.

First function: the return of the scroll, He returns popular gesture Swipe left or right to easily navigate between the different tabs of the app. Switch between chats, statuses and calls with a single movement!

Second function: Security pattern lock, Greater security for your WhatsApp account on Android. Now you can unlock it not only with your fingerprint, but also with a personalized security pattern.

Third function: Mention your contacts in the states, Similar to Instagram stories, mention your contacts in your WhatsApp statuses so they receive a notification and don't miss your post. Tag your friends in special moments!

Fourth function: Meta AI: Your personal assistant on WhatsApp, Developed by the company itself, Meta AI allows you to ask questions, obtain information, create stickers, design images from text and much more. Discover a world of possibilities with this new artificial intelligence!

Meta AI button, credits to Hardware Zone

Fifth feature: Encrypted chat reminder, for greater security and privacy for your conversations. The “end-to-end encryption” label will appear at the top of conversations to remind you that your messages are protected.

Sixth: Create stickers without external programs, Forget about third-party apps, because now you can convert any image into a sticker directly from the WhatsApp app. Personalize your communication with unique and fun stickers.

These are just some of the new features that await you in WhatsApp, Get ready for a more complete and secure experience in the most popular messaging app in the world. Don't miss the new features and enjoy WhatsApp to the fullest.

How can you share files on WhatsApp without having to use a chat?

WhatsApp has launched a new feature that allows you to share files between two Android devices without having to send them through a chat. This feature, called “Share with people nearby,” is available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android. This is very easy to do and you just have to follow these steps:

First: Download the beta version of WhatsApp from the Google Play Store.

Second: Open the beta app on both Android devices.

Third: In the beta app, go to “Settings” > “Share with people nearby.”

Room: On one of the devices, shake the smartphone to generate a file sharing request.

Quinto: On the other device, accept the request.

Sixth: Select the file you want to share.

Seventh: The file will be shared wirelessly between the two devices. By following these you will be able to exchange files easily and in less time.

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