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The Apple Store: more than a store

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The Apple Store is the place where fans of the Cupertino company are welcomed with the promise of an unparalleled experience. They are not just points of sale, they are places where technology comes to life and they make the user a participant in this elegant apple universe.

Design is part of the experience

In the heart of the most emblematic cities in the world, the Apple Store always stands. Known for their distinctive design, are usually composed of a glass and steel exterior and an interior where minimalism and space are enjoyed by fans of the Californian firm. Carefully designed to seduce customers from the moment they walk through the door, they attempt to create a cozy atmospherequiet and spacious, allowing you to explore and try Apple products with full guarantee.

The tables, almost always made of wood that stands out from the rest of the interior, are arranged within a order and elegance which is in line with what Apple is, facilitating interaction with them, in a manifestation of innovation and comfort in equal parts.


The Apple Stores are based on a Corporate Design that influences the customer, evoking emotions that can translate into the decision to buy or not buy a device. This is very important for Apple, as it always tries to shape brand image that it projects, reflecting its corporate identity, taking into account its values.

The construction of the stores is always of quality, with first class materialswhich contribute to the elegant aesthetic of the store and reflects the interest in quality and durability that Apple always places so much emphasis on. Equipped with the latest technology, from high-resolution screens to sound systems that create an auditory experience authentic and differential. Finally, its lighting, which is responsible for strategically placing the spotlights where it belongs to highlight the products and create a cozy atmosphere which cannot be rivaled in any other establishment.

Your employees, true specialists

In addition to aesthetics, the exceptional customer service makes the Apple Store experience unmatched. The employees, known as «Geniuses»offer expert advice and resolve any questions about the product as efficiently as possible.

These specialists play a fundamental role in the brilliant purchasing experience, advising both on the choice of the product and on the resolution of problems with the device. In addition, they act as teachers, explaining in detail the use of a specific application or a specific product, as if it were a tutorial.

Apple Store Barcelona

In conclusion, the shopping experience at the Apple Store combines an elegant and minimalist design with immaculate customer service, with total focus on details and in generating an efficient and comfortable environment. These stores are unique shopping destinations where technology and excellence cooperate to offer an unparalleled experience.

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