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The Apple Watch would bring a historic change that would completely change the rules of the game

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Over the years, Apple Watch smartwatches have incorporated significant improvements and changes. We have seen how the processors have improved, more sensors have been incorporated and very interesting software functions have been added. They are even capable of taking photos from a distance, if we use the iPhone. However, so far, there is one element we haven't seen: a camera on the watch itself. But this could change.

With current designs and technologies mounted on screens, a camera has no place. However, this does not mean that Cupertino is not trying new things. In this article we bring you a patent that they have registered, which has been echoed in the specialized media. Patently Apple. And, yes: Apple is toying with the idea of ​​an Apple Watch with a camera.

If the Apple Watch had a camera, it would gain many (and very interesting) functions. From the possibility of taking photos with the watch itself (and thus having more independence from the iPhone), to having a biometric recognition system such as Face ID. At Apple they are already testing the formulas to implement this, and below we are going to show them to you.

The Apple Watch of the future will have a camera system

Apple is toying with the idea of ​​adding cameras to its watches. A camera on the screen is the first thing they consider. But we already told you that things are not going to stop there.

Is the watch face design going to be changed? Partly yes and partly no. Looking outwards, you will see a screen like the ones we have now. The design that really changes is the interior. Because? The camera that is intended to be included will be integrated into the screen. But that is only one of the scenarios that arise.

One of the examples shared from Patently Apple is the possibility of having a camera that is in the watch case. But there is also talk of a design in which there would be a separation between what is the camera and what is the screen, either with a Notch or with a hole that looks discreet, on a screen in which they remain ” symmetrical proportions,” they explain.

Apple Watch camera

The second camera of the Apple Watch

Not content with one camera, let it be two. Where would there be a place for a second lens? And what would it be used for? In the patent document There is talk of an artificial vision camera. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this lens would be able to “capture images that are not intended to be seen by a human being,” they explain.

face id iphone

So how could they be seen? According to the patent information, “a machine vision camera module can capture monochrome or infrared images for facial identification, authentication or tracking of objects and faces«.

Therefore, not only would we have a single lens that was capable of capturing images, but artificial intelligence could also process elements that are out of reach of our vision, in order to execute actions within the watch.

The Apple Watch is now in its ninth generation. Until now, the only camera system it has had has been through the iPhone. However, this is something that Apple wants to change. Would you like to see an Apple Watch with a standalone camera system? Can you imagine a future in which only the Apple Watch can serve as your iPhone? How would you like the design to be? Leave it to us in the comments!

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